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    4 Amazing Coachella Side Trips

    Coachella season is fast approaching and the excitement is in the air. If you’ve already booked a ticket, you’re in for an exciting ride. Not sure how to plan your weekend? This survival guide by Frameology might be exactly what you need to help you prepare. To make your trip even more memorable, we threw …

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    Why I love White Stuff

    It all started pretty innocently at first, I had felt cold, so had picked up my boyfriend’s jumper and put it on. In absolutely stereotypical movie style, it was around three sizes too big for me and I was almost tripping up on the sleeves as I walked. It didn’t fit but it just felt …

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    Staying Relaxed when Working from Home

    In the age of digital commerce, it is becoming more commonplace for people in a wide variety of jobs to work from home. In fact, according to recent research, home workers amount for almost 14% of the UK workforce, and it’s growing fast. Why do people choose to work from home? Well, there’s the fact …

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    Holiday in Paris

    The city of love is a great place to take a short break. This does not mean that you will run out of things to do on a longer visit. There is just too much to do when in Paris. Regardless of what interests you. You will find activities that will quickly fill your day …

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    In some countries like Japan, it is very common to spot a man with perfectly groomed eyebrows. However, manscaping seems to divides opinion in the UK. Generally, you won’t hear someone randomly complimenting you on your “brow game”. Eyebrows tend to go unnoticed unless something is majorly off with them.