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    Why I love White Stuff

    It all started pretty innocently at first, I had felt cold, so had picked up my boyfriend’s jumper and put it on. In absolutely stereotypical movie style, it was around three sizes too big for me and I was almost tripping up on the sleeves as I walked. It didn’t fit but it just felt …

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    5 Cities in Eastern Europe You Should Visit this Year

    Considering a holiday in Europe this year? Have you set your plans on visiting Amsterdam, Paris, or Rome? Certainly you won’t be disappointed because you’ve heard how enjoyable these destinations are. Many of your family members and friends have already taken vacations in Amsterdam, Paris, and Rome. As part of their sightseeing reports, they may …

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    Staying Relaxed when Working from Home

    In the age of digital commerce, it is becoming more commonplace for people in a wide variety of jobs to work from home. More people find that this fits in much better with their commitments and responsibilities, making it much easier for them to work from their house. The only thing workers need to work …