Sometimes, refreshing the look of your home can be a deceptively simple task. It doesn’t require any huge amount of effort, and nor do you need to make any grand investments. The simple addition of one or two small accessories can often be more than enough. If you are clever about it, and you approach the task at hand with a fresh eye, breathing new life into your home can be a breeze. If you are thinking of making your home look a little brighter at the moment, then read on. We have put together a few simple items which can make your home look like new.

Door Sign

Hanging a new door sign on the front door of your house can make a massive difference to the ambience. The front door is the first thing you see in your property, so its effect is surprisingly great. The colour of the door is essential, as it sets the tone for the rest of the house. But installing a new door sign can make a world of difference. There are few quicker and more effective ways of personalising your home than this. If you aren’t keen to spend money on it, that’s not a problem either. Door signs are easy to make with your own hands. Why not spend an afternoon putting one together and hanging it for all to see? However, if that isn’t good enough for you and you’re willing to spend the money on a new door, then why not? Installing it with a door weather seal means that you are protected during all weathers and that’s important, you won’t need to be installing doors left right and center then, so technically you are saving money!

Coat Rack

Once you’re inside, the hallway offers your next chance to impress your guests. Most people think that there isn’t much you can do in the hallway. The prevailing idea seems to be that making a noticeable difference requires a huge task, like changing the stairs or re-carpeting. But that’s not the case. As ever, it’s the little things that can make all the difference to the overall look. A coat rack is a unique and quirky little addition to your hallway, which has something of an old-school charm about it. With so many different styles on offer, you are sure to find one that suits your home. 


The paintings hung on the wall are the kind of things we forget about all too easily. But replacing them once in a while can all but change the entire ambiance of the house. You might say that the paintings on your walls are one of the main statements about the theme of your home. If you don’t believe that, it is worth changing some of them round to see what I mean. The paintings on the walls make a massive difference to the feel of a room. It is always a good idea to keep them in line with the time of year. Now that it’s nearly Spring, it might be time to put up some paintings which have a warmer palette. You could also consider getting some peel and stick wallpaper – Simple Shapes to add a mural or a pop of color to the space instead. After all, extra warmth at this time of year is always welcomed. Anything to beckon in that sun! 



For a homecare solution with versatile results, consider installing new shelving in your home. It doesn’t matter all too much which room you put the new shelves in. Wherever you go for, shelving is a fantastic way to reinvent one or two of the walls in your home. The added benefit is, of course, that you create extra storage space for yourself. You really can’t go wrong with this one!