Coachella season is fast approaching and the excitement is in the air. If you’ve already booked a ticket, you’re in for an exciting ride. Not sure how to plan your weekend? This survival guide by Frameology might be exactly what you need to help you prepare.

To make your trip even more memorable, we threw in 4 Amazing Side Trips that’ll take your Coachella weekend to the next level. From sprawling desert views to awesome landmarks, there are so many things you can explore.

  1. Joshua Tree National Park

A beautiful expanse of desertscapes sandwiched between the Mojave and Colorado deserts, the Joshua Tree National Park is a wonder to behold. The park boasts twelve nature trails, a plethora of desert wildlife, and hundreds of endemic shrubbery.

The park is known for its eponymous Joshua Trees and its spectacular nightscapes, which are popular for stargazing. The area is also home to unique species of nocturnal wildlife such as kangaroo rats, bighorn sheep, coyotes, jackrabbits, and snakes.

You can explore the backcountry roads with a mountain bike or a 4-wheel drive vehicle. If you arrive there a few days before the Coachella festival, you might want to set up camp and bask underneath the stars.

74485 National Park Drive

Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

  1. Salvation Mountain

Get in touch with your inner hippie at Salvation Mountain. Built and managed by Leonard Knight until his passing in 2014, the place has been a Mecca of sorts for art enthusiasts and hipsters.

The ethos of the place is a message of love for all who visit. A message amplified through the massive “God Is Love” and heart-shaped murals of straw and adobe. The experience is completely uplifting, which is to say, it’s a great way to kick off your weekend at Coachella.

If you do get the chance to visit, pay your respects to Mr. Knight by leaving a piece of art or a small note to spread the love.

E Beal Rd

Niland, CA 92257

  1. Death Valley National Park

Although the name isn’t exactly inviting,, the Death Valley National Park is a great place for watching stunning sunsets and exploring nature. Also, it’s the perfect place to unleash your inner badass: walk through the Badwater Basin salt flats and drive along Badwater Road…and, if there’s time to spare, gallivant across the badlands. You’ll leave the place feeling like Clint Eastwood.

Death Valley, CA 92328

  1. Integratron

Start your week off with a dose of sonic nirvana. Built to look like an observatory, the Integratron is the only all-wood, acoustically perfect sound chamber in the United States.

Legend has it that George Van Tassel, the man who built the Integratron, began working on it under the inspiration and instruction of visitors from Venus. He claimed that the machine was capable of rejuvenation, time travel, and anti-gravity. Crazy right?

Today, the place is used for therapy, meditation, and sonic healing (whatever that means) in the form of hour long sound bath sessions. While you may not be able to communicate with your friendly neighborhood extraterrestrial, the experience is downright spiritual.

Just a reminder: the place is closed on Tuesdays and the sound bath sessions are on a reservation basis.

2477 Belfield Blvd

Landers, CA 92285