This seems like a perfect charter destination for yachts. To find places similar to this, they must have at least four key things to enchant its visitors: stunning beach scenery, crystal clear waters for watersports, some high-end dining and pampering, and -last but not least-a little bit of yachting fun.

In the Virgin Islands, you have found yachting nirvana. Here are our four unbeatable reasons why you should charter a yacht in the Virgin Islands, and as you float through this glorious archipelago you will easily understand why this is one of the great luxury yachting destinations of the world.

  1. Outstanding Beaches

Each morning on your Virgin Islands yacht charter, you will look out your porthole to see another Caribbean beach of astonishing beauty. Before you, blinding white sands meet the sapphire water, and lush rainforest and bending palm trees line the back of the beach. There are many fabulous beaches all through the Virgin Islands, from the pale pink sand of quiet Anegada and the surf beaches of Tortola, on to the many famous beaches of St John. Some of the real highlights include the absolutely superb beaches of Peter Island- such as spectacular White Bay where sea turtles float past you as you swim.

Whether you’re swinging in a hammock at Trunk Bay or drinking out of a freshly cut coconut at Deadman’s Beach, a Virgin Islands yacht charter will deliver you the tropical beach experience of your dreams.

  1. World-Class Diving & Snorkelling

The Virgin Islands are considered to offer some of the best diving in the Caribbean- and therefore the planet. Any divers in your yacht charter party will be in their element in the Virgin Islands, whether they’re diving the wreck of RMS Rhone off Salt Beach, diving the splendid coral reef and multitude of wrecks that surround Anegada, or making their way along the string of scuttled airplanes and ships on Wreck Alley. The Virgin Island waters teem with life of all sizes, from dolphins and sharks to sea turtles and dazzling schools of tropical fish.

Meanwhile, if you’re the type to prefer a leisurely snorkel to strapping on the dive tank, then the famous Virgin Gorda Baths are calling your name. With crystal clear water lapping at giant grey boulders, and tunnels, grottos and arches opening up to the sea, you can swim your way through these stunning rockpools and caverns looking for sea life, or just marvel at the way the reflection of the sunlight light ripples across the white sand below in perfect waves.

  1. The High Life

Because of the natural beauty of this archipelago, the Virgin Islands boast a very large number of exclusive resorts, fine dining restaurants, and blissful luxury spas. Your yacht charter could easily be a leisurely cruise from one stunning and indulgent experience to the next- so why not? You’re on holiday, after all. Fine dining highlights include the sensational Tradewinds restaurant on Peter Island, and The Sugar Mill at Little Dix Bay, while at rustic Big Bamboo on Anegada the delicious fresh-grilled lobster is served to you at a plastic table on the beach by the sea. For those craving some pampering, Rosewood Spa at Little Dix Bay is utterly spectacular, and Peter Island continues to impress on all counts. If golfing is your passion, then the Buccanner Resort on Saint Croix offers an 18 hole course as well as a health spa and fitness club. You may want to get in some practice beforehand with a golf launch monitor that can help you hone your performance and enjoy yourself out on the field.

  1. Yachting Fun

The Virgin Islands have been attracting sailors to its laid-back shores since pirates hid in these pretty coves from the British navy. These days, the drinking establishments of the Virgin Islands might be a good deal less risqué that they were in those swashbuckling days, but the good-time spirit has prevailed in the archipelago’s many famous sailor bars. Get settled into island life at the legendary Foxy’s, have a sunset drink at the Bitter End Yacht Club, sip an icy cocktail with your feet in the sand at the Cooper Island Beach Club, or swim up to order a drink at the Soggy Dollar Bar in White Bay. If you’re really loving the boating life and don’t want to ever go ashore again, then take a tender from your yacht to the famous Willy T schooner moored off Norman Island- a notorious party boat.

With all these watering holes, be aware: the night might begin with one innocent drink, but it almost always ends with reggae and dancing under the stars. It’s tough, but someone has to do it.

Of course, the excitement of a Virgin Islands yacht charter doesn’t stop there, with vibrant local festivals, great hiking, horse-riding on the beach, world-class windsurfing, and fantastic fishing on offer. There are a whole lot more than four amazing reasons to visit the Virgin Islands, but the rest you might just have to discover for yourself as you set your own course through paradise.

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