The UK is filled with fantastic places to visit. If you don’t live here, it’s easy to assume that London is the ideal tourist destination. However, you’re missing out on so many different experiences by limiting yourself to the nation’s capital. Whether you’re looking for sun and sand or walks in the hills, the UK has something for everyone. We’re going to highlight just a few of these today, so sit back and start planning your next trip with our handy tips!

  • London

OK, so let’s start with the most obvious one. London is one of the most famous cities in the world and is packed with landmark attractions for you to explore. It’s definitely the most popular tourist location in the UK. You can see iconic landmarks like Big Ben and The London Eye here, and the famous Wembley Stadium isn’t far away, either. If you’re looking to get away and enjoy the big city, there’s no better option. That said, if you’d rather get away from the hustle and bustle, you might want to look elsewhere.

  • Blackpool

Surely you’ve heard of Blackpool before? It’s a seaside location that comes packed with all sorts of entertaining things for you to do. You could stroll along the beautiful beach and enjoy what it has to offer. If you get bored of that, why not walk along the pier and enjoy some amusement attractions? If you want something to eat, the best restaurants in Blackpool can be found in a variety of locations, offering excellent cuisine. It even has a famous theme park called the Pleasure Beach! Blackpool is a great choice for the whole family.


  • The Highlands

There are lot of great places you could visit in Scotland, but we want to take the focus away from the main cities for a minute. The Highlands are filled with incredibly beautiful locations and peaceful places to stay. You’ll be able to walk among the wildlife, see fantastic waterfalls and gigantic mountains. If you’re fed up of living the busy life, get to the Highlands and enjoy a weekend-or-two of peace. There’s nothing quite like getting away from it all and enjoying the beauty of Scotland.

  • York

York is a fantastic place to go to if you’re looking for a nice weekend away. It’s not as hustle and bustle as big cities like Manchester and Birmingham are. York also has a long and rich heritage and is packed with attractions for the whole family to enjoy. You’ll probably want to visit York Minster, which is an incredible cathedral full of artworks that’ll leave your mouth agape. It’s very easy to get around York by foot, so don’t worry too much about transport either. It’s a beautiful to place to visit.

We’ve only mentioned four places today, and I could easily mention 40 or possibly even 400! As an extra like Scotland with it’s beautiful scenery and countryside atmosphere, look at one of the top holiday parks in the Forest of Bowland. The UK is a stunningly beautiful place and the amount of variety on offer means you could visit many times without getting bored. Plan your next trip to the UK, and you surely won’t regret it!