We can’t be certain exactly what 2019 holds for the world – and that probably applies just as much to the fashion world as it does to, say, politics. Indeed, it can feel like particular fashion trends are in constant flux, but that hasn’t stopped us making calculated guesses about what to expect in 2019.

If you act on our speculation and the findings of such outlined in this article, you can get ahead of the pack to avoid ending up… well, the joker of the pack.

Cycling shorts

Okay, so this isn’t a hugely surprising inclusion; after all, cycling shorts were covering plenty of celebrities’ bums in 2018. However, this popularity could spark fears that you have missed the boat – or, should we say, cycle – for 2019. Well, allow us to put your mind at rest…

StyleCaster reports that searches for biker shorts on Pinterest have soared by 1,323% recently. These shorts can go well with a range of athleisure, such as from the popular brand Gym King.

Bamboo bags

Those pandas are clearly onto something: bamboo is about to become the new “in” thing, according to Pinterest! Okay, so we can’t exactly imagine pandas cradling bamboo bags in 2019 – but, given the recent rise of 2,215% in searches for these bags on the image-sharing site, should we rule it out?

We can expect bamboo bags to largely supplant straw bags – yes, the big favourite in 2018 – as the bags of choice, leaving latecomers in – wait for it – panda-monium.  

Statement sneakers

Is this the athleisure trend rearing its head again? In any case, 2019 could see statement sneakers building upon their previous momentum. This is judging from the 2,211% increase that this footwear has registered in Pinterest searches recently – there’s nothing sneaky about that growth…

It is, however, undoubtedly making a statement – and it’s another situation where sporty clothing bought from retailers like Seek Attire could complement an expected 2019 trend really well.  

African fashion

Could this be a case of the Black Panther effect? The hugely popular Marvel film undoubtedly drew a lot of attention to African culture in 2018, so perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised that “African print fashion” has appeared 229% more often as a Pinterest search term.

There seems to be a lot of untapped potential in this particular trend, so expect your look to – ahem – roar like a lion as you incorporate African motifs into your style in 2019.

Accommodating  tech

Though the tech revolution has recently sprung intense worries, such as the privacy concerns arising from Facebook’s nightmare year in 2018, it looks like fashion designers didn’t get the memo.

Hence, even headphones were apparently paraded as fashion items during Fashion Month, Refinery29 observes. Meanwhile, such accessories as belts and handbags have been re-engineered to carry devices including iPhones and iPods.

2019 could see you donning a utility belt so well-equipped that you feel like an even more hi-tech Batman. That’s no Joker… ahem.