If you are one of the UK’s 10 million office workers, you will be only too aware that you are likely to be sat at your office desks in excess of 8 hours a day. Whether you are working from city offices or your own home, it is important to make sure you are sitting comfortably at your work station to help combat back ache and other aches and pains that can distract you from your working day. You should never be afraid to purchase modern office and commercial furniture in Brisbane if you feel as though your office is in need of it. oc4c0141-925x305

How to ensure you are sitting correctly at your desk?

There are some simple changes you can make to your work station to ensure you have a comfortable place to spend your day:

  • Position your chair at a comfortable but close distance to the desk.
  • Office chairs should offer full back support. Consider an ergonomic office chair, which will support your body in the most comfortable position. If you have an old office chair that you are hoping to replace, why not consider using Office Monster to find a brand new chair, which will finally allow you to sit comfortably at your desk. Without comfort, your time at work or at home in your office won’t be as productive as it could be.
  • Make sure your feet are placed flat on the floor, or supported by a footstool if necessary.
  • Ensure you are sitting directly in front of your computer monitor and keyboard. Avoid twisting.
  • Make sure your screen is free of reflection and glare. According to Felix Gray, these are one of the biggest contributors to the symptoms of eye strain.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed, do not hunch them up on to the arm rests.
  • Make sure armrests do not prevent your chair from fitting close to your desk, or you will end up sitting too far forward in your seat.

However amazing your office furniture is, one of the most important things you can do to improve your health in the office is to have regular breaks from your desk; standing up and walking around will keep you happier and healthier.