Moving in to a new home for the first time in your life is a massively daunting thought. Moving is a stressful process so you want to be as prepared as possible! If you’ve just moved into somewhere like The Gantry in DC, you’ll be wondering what you need to buy. After years of living at home and not having to worry about any of the household stuff, you might wonder how on Earth to get started with this.

Thankfully, there are some basic things you simply can’t life without and that should be your priorities from the very first day.

Somewhere to Sleep

It might seem obvious to say it, but you need somewhere to sleep, don’t you? Not only that, but it needs to be comfortable enough that you get a good night’s sleep.

Not sleeping enough hours each night is a terrible thing to happen, as it will leave you grumpy and low on energy all day long. On the other hand, if you sleep to your heart’s content then you will be raring to go again in the morning.

It doesn’t matter whether you sleep on a bed, a futon or anywhere else. As long it is comfortable and supports you well then it will be well worth having.

A Kettle and a Mug

With so many things to buy for your new home it is easy to overlook the importance of a good kettle and mug. After all, what makes you feel more at home than settling down with a lovely mug of tea or coffee?

A quick look online at the best stove top kettles will show you that there aren’t expensive to buy. You can also choose from small ones for just one cup or larger models for bigger servings.

As for the mug, this could be the perfect moment to get a funny or interesting design that puts a smile on your face every time that you pick it up.

A Television or Radio

If you are going to be living alone then you will want some entertainment to keep you company. This is probably a wonderful opportunity to read some books that you have been wanting to check out, but it can be a lonely feeling to read alone.

Having a television or radio will give you a great way of adding some life and noise to the house whenever you feel that you need it. Some people prefer the TV while others feel that a radio gives them a better feeling of company.

Neither of these gadgets is particularly expensive to buy, although if you need to save up then you might be able to use your phone or laptop in the meantime to get some entertainment in the meantime.

Somewhere to Cook

What are going to cook in your new home? The better your cooking facilities then the more chance you will have of enjoying it and cooking healthy, tasty food.

Ideally, you will have a good variety of implements but if you have at least a saucepan and a frying pan then you are off to a solid start. A good plate and some decent cutlery will make it easy to enjoy what you cook in a way that suits you.