Bespoke is one of the most commonly used terms in the suit industry. If you have not tried one before, you might not be familiar with the term. Just imagine “haute couture”. This is what a bespoke suit represents. It is made to suit your personal style and design choices. Once you choose it, you won’t see any other replicas elsewhere.

Made to measure suits are commonly confused with bespoke suits. Let us take a closer look at these two and find out their differences.

How it is done

For made to measure suits, the individual pattern for a 42-size suit is considered. The company takes the pattern and creates modifications if the measurements are beyond the standard size. The modifications will ensure that your body shape will be showcased. For bespoke suits, a new pattern is created for every individual wearer. There are no modifications of an existing pattern done as small details and nuances could be missed. The goal is not just to have accurate measurements, but also ensure that the slope of the shoulder or the arch of the back are all perfect.


Another difference is in terms of fittings. For made to measure suits, fittings are not done during the creation. The process starts by taking measurements and drafting a design. The final fitting is made once everything is done. Adjustments and alterations can also be done on the spot in case the final garment does not fit well.

With bespoke, multiple fittings are done during the creation of the garment. It starts with the skeleton baste fitting and then the forward fitting. The fin-bar-fin fitting is last. They all happen at various stages of the creation. Hence, the final output is really accurate. It is time consuming and it requires several trips to the shop, but the suit will fit perfectly.

Fabric choices

For made to measure suits, you can choose from 1-2 mills. For bespoke shops, there are over 10 mills to choose from. It is a library of choices that will surely overwhelm you. At the same time, you can find one that is really perfect for your needs.

Customisation options

For made to measure suits, there are certain parts of the suits that can be changed. This includes the buttons on the jacket, style of the pocket, vent options, trouser pleats, cuffs and many others. On the other hand, if you are going for a bespoke suit, your mind is the limit of your imagination. You can do whatever you want with your suit as long as you feel good about it and you are willing to pay for it.