If you’ve got a business, then you know that recruiting new clients is all about giving a good impression from the get-go. Nice curtains and a few potted plants alongside a smiling receptionist are all well and good, but sometimes getting people through the door can go beyond this.

Imagine pulling up to some business offices and the first thing you see are huge, ugly plastic wheelie bins staring back at you. It might be something that you overlook as a business owner, being so used to the bins, but if you’re a potential client driving by the business, this kind of thing can be very off-putting.

To a prospective client, wheelie bins can look dirty, messy and suggest that you lack professionalism, which sounds like a lot to get from a wheelie bin, but that can be what it suggests. There are, however, ways to counteract this bad impression and help to show clients that you are professional, clean and tidy instead – and that is wheelie bin storage.

Whether you have one bin or ten, wheelie bin storage can be the perfect solution to giving potential clients the right impression of you and your company. They are timber, almost shed like storage units for your bins which are fully locking, while still providing you with easy access to your bins too, making them a neat, yet practical solution to bin storage no matter where you are, making them less of an eyesore to clients and business owners alike. Whether you need the storage for full-size wheelie bins, recycling boxes or other rubbish storage, there is bound to be some that suit your needs, and with the storage being made from timber, it also helps to give your business that eco-friendly and environmental feeling that can really draw people in.

On top of wheelie bins being eyesores, they can cause serious problems too. If you own a catering company, restaurant or any business where waste food is regularly thrown out, there is a high chance that this is attracting vermin and pests, including rats and foxes to your business to scavenge for scraps. As well as them lingering around the bins, they could then start to infest the building of your business, which is even more unhygienic and dangerous to your company. Obviously, if you’re finding pests inside your building it is highly recommended you enlist the help of https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/vermont/. Of course, this is also a nuisance if scraps are pulled out of bins and left lying around, but with the locks on wheelie bin storage, these problems can be a thing of the past. These locks, along with the wheelie bins being covered, helps to deter these pests, keeping your business safe from trading standards and making sure that customers don’t have any reason at all to go elsewhere.

Wheelie bin storage probably doesn’t sound very necessary when you’re setting up a business, it may even seem like a pointless expense, but these are just two of many ways that having uncovered bins could put off potential new customers and clients. As mentioned earlier, it is all about the first impression when it comes to business and you can’t let yours be of smelly plastic – because that’s enough to put anyone off really!