Shopping for anything online can be a stressful time, that’s why some people go shopping in Jacobs The Jeweller or similar stores to help them avoid the stressful time. Shopping online is full of doubt and questions, but when that thing that you are searching for is diamonds, the stakes are raised even higher! When you are searching different sites, prepared to spend a lot of money on a special piece of jewellery, you want to be equipped with as much knowledge and as many tips as possible to ensure that you come away having made a satisfying and worthwhile purchase. This shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re shopping on a site like HARUNI, though you can never be too prepared when it comes to finding great jewellery. Here are a handful of handy hints that will set you on the path to buying the best diamonds online.

Stick To A Trusted Site

Make the most of a website like Your Diamond Guru, a comprehensive collection of valuable information along with recommendations for websites that you can buy diamond jewellery from without having to worry about authenticity and quality. The expert opinions given will put your mind at rest and enable you to have a much more enjoyable jewellery shopping experience.

Look For A Grading Report

Make sure that whatever piece you are interested in comes with an independent grading report. Keeping this in mind when you visit Adina’s Jewels, or any other online outlet, is important. This is an unbiased level of analysis that lets you know about the strength of the diamond’s 4Cs: that is carat, colour, clarity and cut. Having this objective assessment from a third party will ensure that you do not get fooled by the eager advertising of the jewellery vendor.

Look For Laser Inscription

For an even further level of security, you can request of picture of the diamond in question showing its laser inscription. This is a number that is unique to the diamond’s GIA report and can only be see under extreme magnification. One of the easiest ways to check whether you are being sold authentic goods is to request to see the laser inscription.

Buy In Your Own Country

Sure, the internet opens up the possibility of buying diamonds from all over the world, but for the sake of security and possible follow up, it’s always a good idea to purchase from an internet vendor based in your own country of residence. It is recommended that you proceed with extreme caution with regards to sites based in foreign countries, as you will be have much less of a safety net after initial purchase.

Visit In Person

If you are extremely wary of online shopping, you can always just use the Internet as your window-shopping period, searching for the items that you are interested in and then making the decision to physically go to the store and look at the diamonds in person. After all, your eye is still the best judge!