Weddings are generally pretty expensive affairs, and the average couple now spends over twenty-five thousand dollars on their big day. Which besides your house, is probably one of the most expensive things you will ever buy! However, there are plenty of people that have neither the means or desire to spend so much on a wedding. And actually, you can get married and have an incredible day for a lot less than this. If you’re getting married on a shoestring budget, here are a few ways you can go about cutting costs.


Invite Fewer Guests

This can be a difficult one, but is essential when it comes to keeping costs down. Your venue will charge on a per person basis, so the more people you have, the more expensive it will be. Scaling it right back to just very close friends and family means it will be less expensive. Some places will even have added discounts for smaller weddings under a certain number of people too. A small wedding is easier to cater yourself, so you can save money on food costs. Instead of offering a three-course meal, set up a buffet of finger foods. You should be able to do this cheaply, with a little help from family and friends to cook and prepare it.

Look For Alternative Ways to Obtain Your Wedding Dress

Your dress is one of the biggest expenses when it comes to your wedding. Rather than paying full price in a boutique, there a couple of alternatives you could consider. First of all, see if you can find a wedding dress outlet nearby. Here you’ll find designer and beautifully made dresses but at a fraction of the RRP. Alternatively, you could consider buying your wedding dress online. For example, if you’ve been looking at buying a Convertible Infinity Dress, have a look online and see if there are any bargains around. While there have been horror stories about sellers from abroad sending dresses that look nothing like the picture, lots of people have had success with buying from eBay and inexpensive dress shops from Asia. Be sure to do your research, and before purchasing ask the site if they have pictures of dresses they have made themselves- not just stock photos. One other way you can bag a less expensive dress is to keep an eye out when you pass thrift stores, and search for people online selling their wedding dress. If you spot one you like the look of in a size that’s close to yours it shouldn’t need too many adjustments and you’ll get it a lot cheaper than the original price paid. Finally, you might even be able to find something suitable on the highstreet. If you don’t want to go down the big white gown route, you could keep an eye out for pretty white dresses in regular stores. Even a simple white dress will look bridal with a veil and wedding accessories- and you’ll pay a lot less than a standard wedding dress. You’ll be surprised how many great options there are so it’s definitely one to consider.

Set Up a Wedding Website

Sending traditional paper invitations and save the date wedding cards are always a good idea. But you can save on both printing costs and mail costs by putting most other information onto a wedding website. This could include things like directions to the venue, details of the wedding, your gift list and anything else your guests need to know. It saves you from having to purchase and send extra bits of stationery which can help to keep costs down. If you set up your site on a free blogging platform it won’t cost a penny, you could then choose to switch it to a domain for around $10 for the year. So is definitely a cost effective way to communicate information to your guests, but is a lot nicer and more formal than using social media.

Ask Your Bridesmaids To Buy Their Own Dress

Some people can feel awkward asking this, but it’s worth putting it out there. If your maids know you’re working on a tight budget, they may be happy to buy their own dress. You could all decide on a high street dress that looks nice at the wedding, but could be worn again too meaning they get their money’s worth from it.


Do Your Own Hair and Makeup

Save money on makeup artists and hairdressers by doing these yourself. Youtube has loads of tutorials, so you could teach yourself and give it a go. You can buy inexpensive yet high-quality products from highstreet stores, try out a few looks and hone your skills in time for the big day. For hair, keep it simple but pretty. Adding a few curls is enough to add gorgeous glamour but without too much skill involved.