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    Best Beard Trimmers In 2016

    In recent years the world of male grooming has come along leaps and bounds with the advent and evolution of not only shavers and razors but accessories like beard trimmers. Additionally, men are using more products, including beard conditioner, balm, and oil to keep their beards looking stylish all day long. Men who are looking …

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    Discover the Digital Watch Trend

    With smart technology everywhere we look, from phones to television, even watches are moving in to the digital age! It may not be for everyone but digital watch trend is taking over and is more stylish than ever before. Shopping for a wristwatch can be complex and with technology moving at a rapid pace. Investing …

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    Big Insecurities Guys Have But Won’t Admit To

    There is a common misconception in society that guys don’t have insecurities. They don’t care about their looks, how they appear and what other people think of them. They certainly never worry about how much they weigh and signs of ageing, they laugh them off. It isn’t just women who may decide to use products …