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    Why I love White Stuff

    It all started pretty innocently at first, I had felt cold, so had picked up my boyfriend’s jumper and put it on. In absolutely stereotypical movie style, it was around three sizes too big for me and I was almost tripping up on the sleeves as I walked. It didn’t fit but it just felt …

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    4 Accessories to Refresh Your Home

    Sometimes, refreshing the look of your home can be a deceptively simple task. It doesn’t require any huge amount of effort, and nor do you need to make any grand investments. The simple addition of one or two small accessories can often be more than enough. If you are clever about it, and you approach …

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    5 ways to avoid an unwanted pregnancy

    Okay, so most of us are well clued up on the birds and the bees and understand that, apart from abstinence, contraception is the best method of preventing an unplanned pregnancy. However, things aren’t always so straightforward. You could find yourself faced with a positive test even if you think you’re doing everything right. If …

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    Beauty Tips: Eye Wrinkles

    They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but who said you can’t do anything about how you look? Well, there is inner beauty and then there is outer beauty, which everyone seems to be obsessed about. The face is an important asset when it comes to defining beauty, as far as popular …

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    Yes It’s True Ladies

    OK this next comment may not come as a surprise to many, but it is true us ladies are far more talkative than our male counterparts.  In fact did you know that a typical woman can spend at least five hours of each day chatting (a third of her time awake). It does not matter …

  • Mothers Day Gift Ideas

    Mothers Day Gift Ideas

    Mothers Day: What to get your mum this year? The one relationship that is always with us is the one we share with our mothers.  Our mothers are our guiding force and are the person responsible for making us the person we are today.  We don’t realise it at the time but they shape our …

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    Scented Candles

    Scented Candles: Light up the nights with a scented candle We may well be recovering from the height of a recession as we awake to further news of energy bills on the increase but luxury candles are proving a success for those couples that are getting hit hard by the recession.  These scented