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    How to Properly Care for Silk Fabrics

    Once associated solely with royalty, silk has now become one of the most popular fabrics for a variety of purposes. Lightweight, durable and beautiful, it only stands to reason that phrases such as “silky smooth” have entered into our vocabulary. There are still some basic care instructions that you should keep in mind in order …

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    Avoiding Unplanned Pregnancy

    With so many options of ways of preventing pregnancy, women can have a hard time on deciding which method is best for them. There are also other factors that can affect the effectiveness of your desired birth control method. Before deciding on which method to use, take the time to research on each method and …

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    Wedding Beauty Trends 2017

    While your wedding dress may be the star of the show, it is important to have flawless makeup and gorgeous hair to match. We have seen some great bridal looks on this year’s runway collections, so take a look at some of the top wedding beauty trends below.

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    Why I love White Stuff

    It all started pretty innocently at first, I had felt cold, so had picked up my boyfriend’s jumper and put it on. In absolutely stereotypical movie style, it was around three sizes too big for me and I was almost tripping up on the sleeves as I walked. It didn’t fit but it just felt …

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    Top 5 UK Hen Party City Destinations

      Whether you’re the bride to be, chief bridesmaid or maid of honour, if you’ve been given the task of arranging the hen party, it’s an important responsibility. Location is key and whilst there are European cities which are now known as being top choices for hen or stag nights, there are just as many …

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    5 Ways To Avoid An Unwanted Pregnancy

    Okay, so most of us are well clued up on the birds and the bees and understand that, apart from abstinence, contraception is the best method of preventing unplanned pregnancy. However, things aren’t always so straightforward. Some people who find themselves in this situation opt to find out abortion information, as this is the route …