The height of home luxury may once have been a leather armchair and a whirlpool bath, but things have moved on. There’s now a dizzying array of high-tech accessories that can you invest in to increase comfort levels in your abode, and here are three of the coolest.

love-romantic-bath-candlelightBring spa luxury to your lounge or bedroom

There’s nothing quite like the sense of indulgence and relaxation that comes from having a massage. So that you don’t have to book yourself into a spa to experience these pampering sessions, why not invest in massage equipment for your own home? There are now a range of massage systems available, and some of the best are built into beds and armchairs, making it easy to bring a little spa-luxury to your lounge or bedroom. Simply sit or lie on these innovative pieces of furniture and let the technology take over. As well as helping to soothe away your stresses, these accessories could help to alleviate aches and pains. According to adjustable furnishing specialists Adjustable Beds, massage systems can improve blood circulation and relieve the discomfort associated with a range of health conditions.

Invest in a smart thermostat

The idea of communicating remotely with household appliances was the stuff of science fiction not long ago, but for many homeowners it’s now a reality. It’s possible to purchase everything from remote-controlled lights to smart fridges that can sense humidity levels. One of the best and most useful examples of smart technology when it comes to increasing home comfort levels is the smart thermostat. These programmable heating solutions can be operated remotely via the web and some can adjust themselves according to the weather outside. The most advanced are even able track you by GPS so that they know when you leave your property and when you’re on your way back. All of this means your rooms should be the right temperature at all times, whether you’re getting up first thing in the morning or just stepping in from work.

Fit an aqua TV in your bathroom

That age-old dilemma: do you go for a soak in the tub or stick the TV on to watch your favourite soap? Well, thanks to the latest waterproof TVs, you can do both at the same time. Special TV sets are now available that feature an ultra-slim profile and can be built into bathroom walls. These sets are designed to withstand moist conditions, and for the ultimate in convenience, you can purchase touchscreen models.

With cool accessories like these on offer, it’s now easier than ever to create a comfy home.