Would you like to be able to create home movies of your kids and some of the activities, birthdays, or random things that they get up to? It is easy to record video footage nowadays using your smartphone or digital camera, so all that you really need to know is how to compile it into a home movie.

To compile a home movie, you need a video editor – and Movavi Video Editor can fulfill that role perfectly. With its help you can easily compile a great-looking home movie, one that is likely to turn out better than you expected.

The first thing that you should do is go over the videos you’ve recorded, decide which ones you want to include, then add them to Movavi Video Editor. After that you can process the footage and arrange the sequence the videos appear in, trim out any unwanted segments, enhance the quality of the video footage, and fix any issues with it as well.

Once you’re satisfied with the overall structure of your home movie, you can then use Movavi Video Editor to make it look even better with a bit of polish. Some of the ways that you can do that are by:

  • Adding background music to accompany your home movie.
  • Applying various artistic filters or special effects to give it a particular style.
  • Inserting customizable text fields as captions, titles or watermarks.
  • Including animated transitions between scenes to link them together.
  • Editing the audio to get rid of background noise, normalize it, or apply different types of effects.

In addition to all of that, Movavi Video Editor will let you record additional video footage via a webcam. Similarly if you want you could record a voiceover on the spot using a microphone, in case you want to narrate any part of your home movie to give it some context.

All in all with the features in Movavi Video Editor you should be able to not only compile a home movie of your kids, but also make it look absolutely amazing by the time you’re done. Don’t worry if you have little or no experience editing videos, as it is intuitive enough that you won’t take long to familiarize yourself with each and every one of its features. In fact if you have a few minutes to spare you should try it out now and see for yourself.