Maximize your wardrobe without extra clothing

If you are like many men, the thought of having an extensive wardrobe is just not that appealing. At the same time, you do want to have the option of having more outfit choices from your wardrobe. This leaves you in a bit of a conundrum. You could go out and spend a great deal of money on new shirts, shoes, slacks, etc., or you could figure out a way to maximize the clothing in your current wardrobe. But how do you go about creating more outfit choices? Well, by choosing a few select pieces which work well together and then adding some accessories, like embroidered belts and watches, to add some personality to the outfit. Here are a few ways you can create more outfit choices with fewer clothes.

Don’t buy outfits

The first key in creating a multifunctional wardrobe is to keep away from buying complete outfits. When you purchase a suit or a complete outfit, a person tends to pick selections which minimize the ability for the clothing to be used with anything else. Think about it. If you have a suit and a sports jacket, you do not want to use the pants and not the jacket as one could become faded, dirty, or have a worn look while the other would have a pristine appearance. Clothing companies know this. That is why they encourage you to buy in pairs. However, if your purchase selection is oriented not to the outfit but to outfits (plural) you will tend to shop for pants which can be paired with multiple shirts, and jackets that can be worn in both casual and formal situations. During your search for new clothing items, take some time to look into custom t shirts and other pieces of custom clothing, these give you the chance to personalize however you wish to add some extra personality into your clothes, it also lets you choose items that will go well together with a large number of your other items in your wardrobe.

Have a nubuck leather jacket or lambskin leather jacket

In addition to having your one or two formal jackets, have a nubuck leather or a lambskin leather jacket in your closet. I would encourage a black or a light tan dye to the leather as these colors tend to match everything. The reason that you want to have a nubuck or other soft leather jacket is to allow for the more formal clothing to become casual, but still look stylish. You can easily take a pair of blue jeans, a button up shirt and a nubuck jacket and pull off a casual/ranch style aesthetic. Pair the jacket with a pair of slacks and a white t-shirt and the whole look changes again. If you really want to maximize your wardrobe options, look for a reversible jacket.

Remember blacks, tans, and jeans

The three colors that you need to remember are blacks, tans, and blue jeans. These three pants choices can match any color of shirt that you have in your wardrobe, if you have a neon orange shirt (which why you would have such I do not know) you have the blue jeans or the black slacks, a blue shirt can be paired with the tan slacks, reds and blacks can go together. The options are limitless.

When building up for the maximum clothing options, it is more beneficial to have a limited pallet on the color of the slacks and more diversity on the shirts. Practically speaking, a person is going to look at your chest and face region before they look at your legs. So put your colors on your chest and keep your legs with the simple black, tan, or blue jean option.

Accessories can make all the difference

A leather belt, a wallet (whether something plain or a photo wallet to add a personal touch), watches, and necklaces makes a huge difference in how the overall outfit comes together or falls apart. Just changing the belt on a pair of pants from black to brown can change the focal point of the outfit. Using a minimalist wallet can take the bulk out of the rear pocket and put it on your nice nubuck jack from whence you pull the wallet.

When picking accessories for your outfit, keep it simple. You do not want to put too many on. A simple watch and one or two light accessories generally does the trick.

Remember that quantity does not mean quality

If you want to make several combinations from a limited amount of clothing, then you need to have quality clothing to do so with. As you will be wearing the fabric more often, you need to ensure that you have materials with durability. The cheapest solution is not always the best solution. Know how to check the thickness of leathers and specialty materials, understand how to check the seams on shirts and slacks, and buy accordingly.

If you have trouble in picking out your belts, wallets, or leather shoes, ask your local leather artisan for help. When it comes to leather footwear, you will want to consider the proper care for leather shoes if you want to wear them for years to come. If you need help in finding the shirt which looks best on you, as someone in the store who is NOT a sales person. People are bluntly honest and will let you know if something does not work. Not a sociable person? Then look online at the product lines available. Many companies offer 3D representations of their products to allow for those introverted people to browse the shirts and slacks without having to spend too much time in the store. Regardless of what you choose, ensure that your clothing matches who you are.