Contrary to what many would think, more and more dads would much rather stay at home with their children and would relish the opportunity even if it was just for a small amount of time.  If it made sense for the family then theywould make it happy but we are not sure how well they would pull this off.

For those of you that have been fortunate to be in this position will know that although being a full time parent is a fulfilling role it is also one of the hardest things and at times it can be lonely, frustrating and thankless as we all know if we have children.  Each child is different and at every stage of their development there can be pros and cons and at times they can be very demanding.  But at the end of the day when the children go to bed you can enjoy what you have achieved and that you are the person shaping their future.

Surprising new figures recently announced show there are lots of dads that would rather stay at home with their babies instead of going to work.  In a recent survey one fifth of dads would much rather stay at home than return to work.  The survey which interviewed 1,000 parents also showed that there was a third of dads that when they returned to work after their paternity leave they were offered no flexibility on their current working patterns and had no choice but to return to work full time.

The survey however was not limited to men a shocking high percentage of women, 80% in fact said that they felt a lot of guilt when they had to return to work and it was felt that only 39% of men felt this same feeling of guilt.

But surprisingly the percentage of those who has wished they had not returned to work once they had become a parent was the same for both men and women.  In fact 25% of women that was interviewed and 22% of men that were interviewed said they would rather of stayed at home than go to work.

When they were asked about their performance at work since having the baby 20% of women claimed that they felt less confidence in comparison with 2.5% of men who were asked the same question.  And when asked whether they agree with the statement “I have found a work balance and truly feel like I have it all” only 20% of men and women could agree with this.

Although men would much rather cut their hours down and play a much bigger role in bringing their children up they are unfortunately afraid of the stigma attached that men should be the breadwinners  and if they are at home looking after the children they can be seen by others as the weaker partner.

If you are a mother would you let your partner stay at home and look after the children while you went to work?