Wondering how to modernise a conservatory? Why not turn it into an orangery? Orangeries and conservatories are excellent ways to accentuate any home or business. However, many tend to use these two words interchangeably. There are actually several notable differences between these structures. In order to decide upon your best option, let us quickly examine what sets them apart. We will then take a quick look at some of the primary benefits that you can expect to enjoy if you choose to install an orangery on your property. Some of these facts could very well surprise you!

The Main Differences Between an Orangery and a Conservatory

It can be argued that the most notable difference between these two is the way that the roof is constructed. The roof of a conservatory typically incorporates a slanted frame which directly connects to the side of a home. The unique aspect of an orangery is that an upper flat section is used in conjunction with lateral slanted features. This is sometimes referred to as a lantern roof. Many feel that this adds a slightly Victorian flair to the overall design. A flat roof finished off using a roof coating also helps to insulate the internal environment from outside air. If your orangery (or even any building you may have), has a flat roof, then it might be worthwhile making sure that it is fully secure and protected against harsh weather. You can check out this website here for more information: https://www.flatroofexperts.co.uk/.

Although orangeries and conservatories will often incorporate brickwork into their foundations and walls, this feature is often more pronounced when referring to an orangery. Thus, it boasts what can only be called a more ornate feel. It should also be mentioned that this use of brick shortens the upstanding (vertical) frame. This is a great option if you have been hoping to use the orangery for functional needs such as a kitchen or a spare living room.

Price is a final option to take into account. As a general rule of thumb, orangeries tend to be more expensive than conservatories. However, we should keep in mind that these costs will vary depending upon the types of materials used (uPVC framing versus wood, for instance) as well as the overall dimensions of the structure in question. The fact that an orangery can suit a variety of purposes is another benefit that will often offset the initial price.

Why Choose an Orangery?

There is no doubt that these structures are stunning to behold. However, they also offer several functional benefits which should never be overlooked. A handful of the most prevalent include:

  • The inclusion of sunlight helps to reduce heating costs.
  • They tend to offer higher levels of insulation when compared to conservatories.
  • There are nearly limitless designs to choose from.
  • Bespoke aspects such as the type of framing, the colour and the use of decorative glazing bars are a handful of potential options.

Orangeries represent an alluring melange of the traditional and the modern. They can be constructed to suit the decor of any home and with so many options to choose from, you will always find what you are looking for. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, please contact Orangeries UK at your convenience.