With smart technology everywhere we look, from phones to television, even watches are moving in to the digital age! It may not be for everyone but digital watch trend is taking over and is more stylish than ever before.

Shopping for a wristwatch can be complex and with technology moving at a rapid pace. Investing in the digital watch trend is fairly inexpensive making it perfect for everyday styling. If you do get a smartwatch like an Apple Watch, you may need to be careful because they’re slightly more delicate than normal watches. Don’t worry though because you can just use an apple watch repair program to fix any damages.

Future Proof your Look

For the millennial male constantly updating technology now comes naturally and therefore moving with the digital watch trend is just another sign of the times. In the past digital watches have been slated for being too similar in their shape and dated style, however in recent years they have had a modern overhaul with big brands bringing our cool, classic digital wrist wear.

The digital watch trend has progressed over the past few years or so and has evolved gracefully since its first boom in the 1980s. Fashion bloggers and hipsters alike are loving the newest digital models and if you are looking for inspiration to buy a digital watch, you won’t need to look far to find them documenting the coolest pieces across Tumblr and Instagram.

When most think of digital watches they will be most familiar with the incredibly distinctive, classic Casio. As a pioneer in the digital watch movement back in its prime it really is a simple as it looks with an easy-to read-face and a convenient backlight, the brand is bringing back its geek chic appeal with models like the Casio A168WG-9EF. This particular model envisions the Casio brand in 2016. It’s stylish update captures the digital watch trend with its classic design, this particular piece is built for the millennial man who is keen to experiment with street styling. Another benefit of buying a Casio piece is that they are easy to maintain and can be sent away for watch repair if you ever experience any problems with your watch. At a price of £50 this timepiece is perfect an everyday menswear

High Tech Trends

A more hi-tech piece which falls in to the digital watch development is the Garmin Unisex Vivoactive. This gender fluid piece is the perfect design if you are not ready for the smartwatch movement just yet! With functions like Bluetooth and GPS attached this digital rising star has advanced from Casio’s three button only design. This watch is not difficult to get your head around when it comes to its functionality but it also gives you details on the weather with a companion app. This the Perfect time piece for a gentleman who doesn’t want to give into the apple watch just yet. Those looking to switch their device’s style up a little bit could head to Mobile Mob for replacement straps with a wide variety of colors available.

The Storm Digimec is much more of a statement piece than most digital watches. It comes with all the features of an average digital watch; however, its appearance is one of the most futuristic on the market. This avant-garde time piece looks super cyber but is a dressier option than the others with its stainless steel appearance. The Digimec Slate is a similar model in solid black which shows the time on its stunning round face design again taking a stance away from the usual square platform usually seen in the digital trend.

The digital watch trend revival may be changing from small square faces to rounder more artistic pieces. This may be one of 2016’s more casual summer 2016 looks for men but this trend looks great for those who embrace a more retro look.