Who does not like to party with friends or colleagues? Partying all night has become the trend these days to overcome the tensions of the weekdays. The name used for these electronic music dance parties is “Rave”. Rave parties will have live music performances or DJ performances. Whoever is familiar with rave parties knows that the room will not have much lighting and your costumes are sometimes the only way to get some lighting. This is why it is so important that you wear bold and bright rave clothing. The motive behind this article on party costumes is to give beginners an idea about how to stand out. We will talk about costumes for girls and boys separately.

Tips for girls

Girls fashion at raves generally revolves around streetwear. For the sorts of thing that are in fashion right now, head to https://lycheethelabel.com/collections/rave-ready. But the important point to be noted while selecting the outfit is that there should be some elements of it that glow in the night. The reason behind this is that, as mentioned above, these parties happen at night without light. We will start with accessories that can be used on your head. A LED hoodie and a pair of sunglasses are the trend now. Girls should always wear something that is light-reflecting and bright to give you the needed attraction in the dark. LED gloves that follow the beats of the music are the best choice when it comes to hands. You can get any of those bright colored metallic skirts or bottoms for your first musical party. Full-length pants also will serve the purpose but there should be something that will glow in the night. The LED attached to your dress can be used for hours with the new battery.

Tips for boys

Even though we have seen many changes in the girls’ fashion when it comes to Rave parties boys have more options. Boys also can try using rave sunglasses with unique rave masks for their first party. Now coming to the top or the shirt; you should look trendy and cool at the same time. To achieve this you can buy an arc-reactor shirt with unique patterns. Just like girls, boys also should buy a pair of LED gloves for their first rave party. Well, when it comes to the pants it is little different than girls. You should definitely get rid of the casual jeans and get little funky. You can buy the “glow in night” pants for your party or else you can even order for a LED suspender for your pants. A bow that glows at night will give a formal look if this is a professional rave party organized by your office.

When it comes to the footwear both boys and girls should select the shoes in neon bright colors or LED plasma rave shoes. The whole point here is that this is your first rave or musical party and should look stunning and jazzy. People should notice you even in the dark. You can buy all these costumes from a store and arrange it nicely to get the look you wanted.