If you’re the outdoorsy type, then are few things as fun as getting some friends together and heading out to the wilderness. Setting up camp, enjoying some fine nature and each other’s company. To make it the best trip possible, you’re going to need to prepare. You need the right tips, as well as the right groundwork laid out. That way, your trip will be as free from potential problems as possible.


Pick a great location

The first thing you need to do is have an idea where you want to go. A lot of this will depend on the people with you. Some people just aren’t as accommodating to certain difficulties in terrain and you should respect that. There are all manners of wilderness retreat locations that offer great vistas and fine camping ground. Do your research and find a few options to float around the group. For example, if you are tempted to explore the gorges of North America, a trip to see the canyons could be the perfect hiking excursion for you. Utah is full of hidden gems and its best features, hidden between the red-rock vistas and natural hot springs, are its canyons. You can find tours of some of the most popular canyons in Utah on the Dreamland Tours website. Need even more inspiration? Head to outdoorcommand.com for some unique hiking locations. Ultimately, there are so many locations to choose from, the hardest decision is picking which one to try first.

Get the car ready

For most of those retreats, you’re going to have to drive out there, especially if you are taking your caravan. If it’s a long drive, then you need to make sure your car’s in good condition to make it. So get it checked up. Some of the wilder areas also don’t have as great a road on offer. So you might have need of some quality off road tyres to get there fine.


Always keep safety in mind

Regardless of where you go, the wilderness requires a good deal more caution than your standard holiday destinations. There are more health risks out there than some realise. For example, campfire hazards. Never leave a campfire unattended and always survey the area to make sure you have enough clear space. If you’re planning on going swimming in natural bodies of water, be aware of the risks involved, and make sure you have some first aid training from somewhere like Coast2Coast Hamilton so that you know what to do if an emergency situation occurs. Keep tents apart to reduce the risk of fire spreading. Always make sure you have your walkie talkie on you if you venture outside of the camp so that you can keep in touch with your friends or family if something happens. Check out the outdoor empire best walkie talkies article for more information on suitable products for heading out to the wilderness with.

Take everything you need

A camping trip can easily turn sour if you realise that you’ve forgotten something. Whether it’s essential to the trip or simply a big part of what makes it enjoyable. Before you go, sit down and create a checklist of things you’re going to need. Consider the things important to safety, like first aid kits and sunscreen. Then the things that make the trip enjoyable and fun, like swimsuits and maybe comfortable hiking pants, which will enable you to move freely but also regulate your body temperature well. Then, tick it off as you’re packing.


Cook up some great grub in the wild

If you’re intend on having the best time on your trip, then you’re going to want some of the best food, as well. A lot of people think that relying on BBQ or campfire as your only methods of cooking might be limiting, but that’s far from the truth. From beer pancakes to blueberry muffins. Go a bit more adventurous with your campfire cooking.

Take some private entertainment too

Hopefully, most of your time will be full of all kinds of gang exploits. Swimming. Cooking. A little drinking, maybe. Some strip poker if things get wild. But you should also be prepared for a bit of downtime. Nights where you can’t sleep. Mornings where people aren’t quite on your level of readiness. For those times, you need some entertainment for yourself. For example, take a book with you.