These days, when it comes to booking a holiday there are limitless options. You could book a spa break in Moscow, or get some winter sun in the Caribbean. One thing that can sometimes provide a barrier, however, is travelling with your pet. Taking a ‘staycation’ is a great way around this, as there are many pet friendly places to visit in the UK. Plus, you avoid the added worry of having your furry friend quarantined, as can be the norm for travelling abroad with a pet.

In the UK, there are loads of options when it comes to travelling with your beloved beast. Here are some ideas for you and your pampered pooch!



If you own a car this type of holiday is pretty straightforward. You can simply pack your things, pop your dog in the car and off you go. For those of you that don’t have this option, never fear. There are other ways to get your travel buddy from A to B. National Rail allow pets on board their trains, though there are a few conditions. Your dog has to not be a risk to other passengers, which is understandable. Also, they must kept on a lead or be in a pet crate. The trains are also pretty quick and run quite smoothly, ensuring that your pets don’t get too worked up. The railway networks in the UK benefit from regular maintainance from the multiple rail companies that are able to quickly fix these issues. For all the railway news, these companies just use websites like to see all of the latest news around the UK. This ensures that companies have work, and also makes sure that the railways operate at all times. Hopefully, this will mean that your pets enjoy a smooth ride on the railway. However, if you are after something a little less public, you could opt to travel with a company that specialises in animal transport for your pet car hire needs.

Dog-Friendly Hotels

Doggy guests are most welcome at the Goodwood Hotel in West Sussex. They even have access to a private members’ club, called The Kennels, on this large estate. There are delicious treats on offer, including organic pig ears, as well as maps detailing walks around the estate. Your canine companion will also have access to the human’s restaurant area and is most welcome to stay in your room with you. Just be sure to check in advance that your room has plenty of space for your furry friend to settle down for the night. If you have a small dog then this should not be a problem, but if your dog is of a larger breed, then you might want to arrange a bigger room. Returning guests should think about the pet membership option, that costs £50 annually. Part of the the fee is donated to animal charities, and your dog will get its own personalised dog bowl for use whenever you go to stay.


There are hundreds and hundreds of dog-friendly places to stay and things to do, so have a look and see what is best for you and your pet.

Eating out

When holidaying with your dog, you do not want to face any restrictions. That would defeat the purpose of taking them with you in the first place. Luckily, as a nation of dog-lovers there are lots of restaurants and pubs that welcome pets with open arms. If you plan on feeding your dog while you’re eating in one of these pubs, you might want to bring along your PetWeighter bowl ( which will keep it fixed in place while your dog is eating to prevent the food getting everywhere. In most such places there will be other dogs and their owners to chat to over dinner, and you could both end up making new friends! A quick internet search will reveal loads of handy information on over 5000 dog friendly places to eat and drink whilst holidaying in the British Isles. Just be careful, as you don’t want you dog eating lots of human food whilst you are in these places. Small bits of certain foods like meat and most vegetables are ok, but it’s best not to give them any human food. It can lead to problems with their stomachs and internal organs, such as pancreatitis. If your dog does suffer from pancreatitis, you might want to visit for more information about treating it. Enjoy eating out with your dog, but enjoy it responsibly.

Overall, there are many places to take your dog and easy ways to get there. Plan ahead and you will be rewarded with a great holiday and very happy dog. Expect much wagging of tails and excited barking, have a great trip!