There’s a good chance that your kitchen is the hub of your home; the room in which nutritious meals are prepared, days are discussed, and plans are made, all while excited chattering is swapped back and forth. If your home is big enough you’ll probably cook and dine in the same room, while smaller homes will no doubt make the most of meal times with creative serving suggestions and clever storage. The great thing about creating a fun family kitchen, though, is that there are no hard and fast interior design rules for the space, and you can use it however you wish. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, however, be sure to read on…

Creating the perfect kitchen: Top tips

So, why should you be looking to create a fun family kitchen? As long as it has a sink, some cupboards, a microwave you found through deciding to read some microwave reviews, and an oven, it’s a kitchen, right? While this is certainly true, there are numerous reasons why you may wish to incorporate a little more fun into your kitchen, including the ability to share the space with your children, and inspire them to become involved with meal planning, preparation, and cooking. As your children grow and develop, there’s a possibility that you’re going to be spending a lot of your time together in that one room as you cook and they study, so endeavour to make it a pleasant space to occupy. Bright colours, storage space, fun utensils, and dedicated toy corners are just some of the ideas you may wish to incorporate; after all, a well-designed kitchen is a far nicer place to be while you’re undertaking mundane tasks.

Design and layout

If your home’s layout allows consider merging two rooms to create a kitchen/diner, or family room/kitchen. Such a layout will ensure you can keep an eye on your children as you cook, and that they can engage with you no matter what you’re doing. If you’ve not got the room, or the budget for an extension, try and incorporate a work corner, toy space, or reading nook instead; your children remain a part of the kitchen without falling under your feet. Again, if space allows, think about a breakfast bar or island so that children can continue to study or play while you’re preparing food, and get clever with storage; you don’t want to clutter sides, or keep sharp objects within easy reach, after all. Finally, consider the flooring, which should be hardwearing and porous, although perhaps not as hard and unfriendly as solid tiles. These are a great choice for kitchens near Southampton if you are considering making sweeping changes.

It’s time to decorate!

Do you have a style in mind for your kitchen? Do you hanker after a rustic, farmer’s kitchen, or something altogether more modern? While monochrome kitchens and those using marble and white tiles are to die for, they’re not hugely practical when it comes to family spaces; indeed, you’ll spend more time cleaning and tidying than making memories. Opt for a style that is bold and bright, and yet easy to maintain. The shabby chic, or rustic, look is ideal, as it incorporates all manner of interesting colours, shapes, and textures that are ideal to capture children’s imagination. Think wooden furniture that’s left bare, or covered in a vintage paint, plenty of storage, including a cupboard dedicated to your little ones’ toys and mock utensils, and consider upcycled finishes to add that homely feel. Wooden shutters look fantastic in such kitchens, and will enable you to control the flow of light, and air, around your kitchen space as the seasons progress. The emphasis here should be on fun, and on a space that’s easily organised. Top tip; include a chalk board, or large organiser, in a prominent place to allow you to keep on top of meal plans, shopping lists, and schedules.

Accessorize your kitchen

Once you’ve covered the practicalities and designed your perfect kitchen, the fun can start. From colourful utensils that fit your kitchen’s theme, to handy ways to involve your children, shopping for kitchen equipment should become a family affair; ask your little ones what items they’d like to see in your kitchen, or even take them shopping with you. Check out websites like to see what cool furniture you could buy for your kitchen. Get the kids opinions on this too! After all, the best way to inspire fun is to get everybody involved. Consider a set of steps or a box that your children can stand on while they help out, brightening walls and cupboard doors with pictures and photographs that inspire you all, and be sure to deck your windowsills with potted plants to