Spring is finally upon us, the perfect time to get outside and work on your garden. Gardening gives you the opportunity to get outside into the fresh air and create something truly beautiful. It’s also a very rewarding hobby to have! You can watch your flowers bloom and get some delicious meals out of the vegetables you might grow. Turns out there’s another benefit people may have not thought of before – it helps with your health.

Yes, that’s right, gardening is actually good for you in several ways. Your mental and physical health can be positively impacted by spending time on your garden, creating a luscious green lawn and growing beautiful flowers and vegetables. Keep reading for just some of the health benefits that come along with gardening.

Mental Health

Increased self-esteem.

Working in your garden can greatly boost your self-esteem, seeing what you have achieved when looking out of your window. The sense of knowing that all of your plants, vegetables and bushes that now make up a beautiful garden started as a simple packet of seeds and overgrown grass. The beauty has come from your hard work and commitment to keep them alive and help them to grow. Having a beautiful green lawn can really help with this overall feeling, making sure the base of your entire garden is healthy and happy. Use a lawn care treatment to ensure that your lawn is in the best condition possible. By using this you will have a lush, green, healthy lawn to really give you that feeling of success.

Anxiety & depression.

Anxiety and depression are both common mental illnesses that people suffer with daily. There are many activities you can partake in that can help relieve the feelings you may be having, and gardening is one of them. In general, being surrounded by nature does have a positive effect on your mood, so just being outside is already a great start. Spending time outside in green spaces encourages the brain to release serotonin, the chemical that is responsible for regulating our moods.

The physical activity required in gardening releases mood-enhancing endorphins, which is really important when trying to improve your mood and mental well-being. Exercise is commonly recommended to help with depression, but this doesn’t mean you have to head to the gym – try a trip to your garden instead. You also get to experience the rewarding feeling of seeing your garden flourish.

Physical Health

Calorie burning.

Working in the garden is a physical activity that gets your whole body moving. Activities such as pulling weeds, planting flowers, and digging soil can have you burning off 200-400 calories per hour! For activities such as mowing your lawn you’re looking at burning around 250-350 calories. Why miss the sunny weather inside at the gym when you could get your workout gardening? If you’re a gym lover, gardening can be another hobby you take up to further increase your health while creating a garden you are truly proud of.

Muscle building.

Gardening isn’t all watering flowers and filling your bird feeders. Some aspects of gardening takes some real muscle work and will have your strength increasing in no time. Digging soil, pulling out weeds, and trimming bushes are all activities that will really get your muscles working. You can even take it one step further by picking up a handy DIY project for the garden, building something out of wood will really have you lifting all day. As well as helping with muscles in your arm, it helps to improve your fine motor skills and muscles. This is great for improving your performance in everyday activities.

Reduced risk of diseases.

Studies have shown that gardening can help greatly reduce your chances of getting some life-threatening diseases. One example is heart disease. Although gardening is not a high-intensity workout, it is still known to reduce the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. The benefit comes from the combination of the physical exercise undertaken, as well as gardening providing various stress relieving benefits. All together this is a recipe for a longer, healthier life. Other diseases include osteoporosis, helped by ensuring all major muscle groups are getting a work out, and dementia.

Caring for you and your lawn.

Gardening is beneficial to your health in a variety of ways. From mental to physical, gardening is the recipe to promoting a happy and healthier lifestyle. Through the experience of spending time in your garden, relieving stress and burning calories, you create a beautiful area that you can truly take pride in. Overall, gardening is definitely the hobby to take up if you are looking for a fun, active, rewarding activity.