Do you find yourself getting into a panic about how you are going to look when you are on holiday or when the weather starts improving during the summer months and you are forced to shed all those layers?  In the following post we will look at some simple tips and suggestions you can use to get your body ready for summer, without going on any silly diets.

Make Small Changes And Stick To Them

Rather than getting bogged down with trying to change EVERYTHING, you should make one or two small changes at a time and stick to them.  For example, if there is a lot of fizzy drinks in your diet, the change could be avoiding these kinds of drinks or if you feel you do not exercise enough on a day to day level – you could add in just five minutes of movement each day.  The important part is sticking to these changes and making them habitual and part of your routine.

Be Realistic With Goal Setting

We’d all love to be able to lose 10 pounds every week in the run up to summer, but it’s not very realistic unless you try something unhealthy and inadvisable.  It may be a better idea to completely ditch the concept of losing X amount of pounds a week and instead focus on losing 1% of your body weight every week.

Keep A Watch On Your Calorie Intake

While we would suggest that number counting is not the best way to lose weight, as nutrition is a large part of the battle in losing weight, you should at least have an idea of the amount of calories you consume.  The average intake of calories for a woman should be around 1,500 every day.

Eat Unprocessed And Real Food

Instead of reaching for those diet snacks and specially formulated packaged dinners, there is no substitute for good quality, fresh and real food.  Fresh fruit and veg have a greater content of nutrients than any processed meals or snacks, and in addition are richer in fibre.  Fibre is important as this will help you to feel fuller for longer.  To ensure you lose weight but also build muscle for a healthy and attractive body shape, you need to include lean meats such as turkey and other forms of protein-rich foods.

Do Not Miss Out On Carbs

Although carbs are by no means made equal – sweets, rice and white bread are all particularly low in nutrients – there are some that you should make part of a healthy diet if you want to look good this summer.  Sweet potatoes, whole grain bread, steel cut oats and brown rice are nutritious, delicious and very good for you.

Workout At Home

If you can afford both in terms of time and money to get down to the gym, by all means do it.  However, even if you can’t you do not need to feel like you can’t work out.  There are many different pieces of apparatus and equipment that are affordable enough investing for your own home.  One of the best and most cost effective pieces of at-home exercise equipment is the pull up bar.  There is plenty of choice out there, when it comes to finding the best pull up bar.