Whether you are a student, freelancer, or operate working from the comfort of your home, there are many ways to make your home office a motivating, productive place to work. These simple décor ideas will give you effective ways to improve your home work station! There’s nothing worse than being in a productive mood, but once you enter your office, all of that just goes out of the window. If you have an office that is cluttered, this can distract you from getting your work done and you won’t end up being as productive as you wanted. Plus, we don’t need anymore reasons to procrastinate, especially if you have lots of work to catch up on. With this being said, making space to work in is important. Thanks to sites like https://hollowaystorage.com.au/, you may have found a solution to create efficient office space. No matter where you live in the world, remember, there are always people out there to help you out. From Australia, to France and even Nigeria, the idea of self storage space will come in handy for your overall productivity.



While it’s tempting to opt for style over comfort in a home office, one thing to consider is choosing the right desk chair. Spending hours on end sat hunched at a desk starring at a screen can cause bad back and posture. Investing in a supportive desk chair is something to consider for your home office. That’s not to say that you can’t have the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and style, however. Plenty of desk chairs come cushioned but also retain their sophistication and office setting feel. You can check out many office chairs online.

If you are going to be working late into the night, it’s important to have the appropriate lighting for your workspace. In particular, reading lamps to keep you awake and alert are a good investment. The Artemide range offers some trendy table lamps that will add some trendy décor to the office, as well as most importantly keeping the room well lit.

For most, the problem with an appropriate home office is finding the space to fit a suitable sized desk. Some are lucky enough to have an actual dedicated room acting as a home office, where as others have to find a spare corner of a room. Modoola smart desks offer the perfect solution for both bigger and smaller home working spaces. These hexagonal shaped desks are easily assembled and moveable for any room or corner of your home office.

Keeping your work space organised and decluttered is essential in ensuring productivity levels remain high. An untidy work station leads to distraction and disruption in completing tasks. Investing in pots, drawers and other organisational storage to make sure that you stay on top of your workload is a simple but effective décor idea. After all, a messy place makes a messy mind. You can buy cheap, simplistic storage units and decorate them using paint, wallpaper and fabric to save some money.


Another way to ensure your home office is motivating in to use appropriate colours in the room. Colours like muted greys, pale yellows and trendy coffee browns will keep you focused and relaxed; where as bright blues and reds may affect concentration.

As mentioned, table lamps are great for working during the night. However, a statement light will brighten up a naturally dull room in more ways than one. It will allow you to work at all times of day or night, as well as making your room more fun and elegant – after all as much as it’s your office, it’s still your home too! Lampcommerce has a stunning range of ceiling lights and lamps that will transform your office area into a stylish, chic place to spend your days. It might also be worth considering crestron programming so you can automate your light colours. This could significantly assist with mood creating efforts.

Personalising your home office to balance a motivating working area and to your personal taste os key. You will not find it the room an enjoyable place to be spending time if the décor is dull and lacks motivation.