We all have men in our lives who are difficult to buy for. When a birthday or special occasion is looming, we’re often left scratching our heads wondering where we should start. I recommend asking yourself the following questions.

  1. What Is He Into?

The simplest place to start is to ask yourself what he’s into. Does he have a hobby? Does he have a favorite place or food? Does he like reading or is he more of an outdoorsy type? Or both? Make a list of his hobbies and interests and see if it sparks any ideas. Maybe he loves sports, so getting something relating to his favourite sports team may be worth considering. I found some ideas for the soccer player in my life here if it is the inspiration that you’re looking for. Another example would be if he’s a fitness buff. Look into the latest tech and apps to support his fitness training. If he’s a wine connoisseur, think about ordering a bottle from his favorite wine-growing region. You could even get some custom wine labels at GrogTag made for him. This is a great idea, especially if the man in your life likes receiving personalized gifts. After all, who doesn’t like personalized gifts? They’re so thoughtful!! Alternatively, if he really is a lover of wine, why not get him a life-long subscription with companies like splash wine club to ensure he gets bottles delivered right to the door. You don’t even have to get wine, if he’s more into beer, then get him that instead. If he is interested in the military or transport etc. then look at replica models from Atlas Editions.

If you’re looking for something thoughtful, then hobbies and interests are always a good place to start. It shows you gave the present some consideration.

  1. What Kind of Person is He?

Another useful question to ask yourself is what kind of person is he? Is he an adventurer? Does he fancy himself as a bit of a comedian? Does he like learning new things? This can throw up lots of interesting gift ideas. For the adventurer in your life consider a day driving luxury cars. If he’s an explorer, then give him the whole universe in the shape of a telescope. For learners looks at books, DVDs and courses. Even better, choose a course you can take together.


  1. Does He Already Have Everything?

It’s always difficult buying for someone who has everything already? You know the type of person. He has all the latest tech. He’s seen all the latest films and has all the kit. These people are notoriously difficult to buy for. But not impossible. If he has lots of physical ‘things’, then go for an experience gift. These gifts vary widely in type and price. They include everything from pampering days to trips in hot air balloons in a location that has beautiful surroundings, looking into balloon companies like Napa Valley Balloons and others can give the person who has everything, just that little more. It can be as simple as tickets to the theatre or a slap-up meal for two. Choose something that suits him.

  1. What is Your Relationship?

When you’re buying any gift, your relationship with the person is important. If you have a close relationship, then the gift can be more intimate. Also, you can include yourself in the gift. If you’re signing them up for a course then choose something you can enjoy learning together. The gift of your time is one of the best gifts you can give.

If your relationship is not that close, then think about including their partner in the gift. For example, buying them a pair of cinema or theatre tickets.

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