The wedding ring is one of the few pieces of jewelry which you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life so you need to know it’s the perfect choice when you pick from the store or buy online. The wedding rings in Houston here are an incredible choice of metals, designs and styles so if you’re not sure how to decide, here’s a guide to finding the perfect wedding rings for you both.

If you or your partner is worried about losing or damaging their ring during work or their daily lives, these custom silicone rings can still contain a lot of sentimentality, while being resilient and stylish.

  1. Narrow your options

As it’s a piece of jewelry which will always be part of your lives, the first step is to make some initial choices. Thoughts to consider include:

  • Do you want the wedding band metal to match the engagement ring?
  • Would you like a design you can buy off the shelf or are you looking to make a unique, bespoke commission?
  • Plain bands or the inclusion of gemstones?
  • A single metal or a combination design of metals such as yellow and white gold?
  • Classic designs or contemporary?
  • Do you want matching wedding bands?

Whilst you can always change your mind during the buying experience, it’s important to sit down together and talk through the basics first.

  1. Research and view well ahead of the big day

Once you’ve started to look at the incredible range of wedding rings you’ll realize that you need to plan well ahead of the big day to ensure you see everything on offer and have the chance to try on as many styles as possible, just like organising linens rental houston, it pays to plan ahead and make sure everything is organised well in advance. This is particularly crucial if you’re designing one-off rings as you’ll need to talk to the designer, look at draft sketches and discuss elements such as ring width, any engraving and the sourcing of elements such as gemstones. If you like the look of gemstone or crystal rings, there are lots of different sizes and colours you can choose from so you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice!

Even if you have decided on a matching pair of classic gold bands there are choices such as the width and the fit such as comfort or square.

  1. Set a budget

The average spend for wedding rings is 3% of the overall budget for the occasion so always keep this figure in mind when shopping.

The cost will depend on the retailer, the choice of metal, any embellishments such as the inclusion of diamonds and whether you want to include personalization such as engraving.

  1. Lifestyle

Your job and hobbies are an element to consider when buying wedding rings. If you work in an environment where the ring can be knocked, it’s wise to choose a harder, more durable metal such as titanium. If you have a hands-on role such as gardener, avoiding intricate designs such as raised fretwork will mean you don’t have dirt and grime to constantly clean out of the ring.

If you play a lot of sport in your spare time, consider the fit; a slim ring in a comfort fit design for example will mean the rounded edges can’t injure other players if you’re taking part in contact activities such as soccer or American football.

  1. It’s a long term decision

Choose rings you both know you will always love for the rest of your lives, whether you both care about signet rings, or have another style in mind. Think about any possible changes which may affect the style; perhaps you’re a trainee nurse or you’re working towards becoming a sculptor, this will mean opting for a lifestyle-friendly ring before you embark on your new careers.

Don’t worry too much though if you aren’t sure where life could take you – it’s always possible to add engravings or gemstones to wedding rings over the coming years so buy what really makes you happy.