eBay is a great tool for buying or selling items. Not many of us take the time to learn it properly, however. While you might stand to make a lot of money with it, you also might be able to maximise that profit with a few helpful hints and tips. You’ll be able to sell globally and using software from companies such as FastSpring, you’ll be able to get your global payments correct for your online shop. Let’s delve into the world of eBay and try and find some ways to make you even more money in the long run.


Take a photo

eBay will automatically offer you a picture in some cases, particularly if you’re selling something like a DVD or game. However, while this might seem like a nice time saver, it’s also not helping your sale. You see, people are quite wary when buying things off of the internet. They want to know exactly what they’re getting. They are also hesitant about trusting someone that they can only identify by their name and reputation level, even when that level is very good. Taking a picture yourself will allow them to see the product they’ll be buying. If there’s a disc or other components involved, take a picture of them as well. The more information you can provide in your photo, the better the chance of getting a good price for it. For example, if someone has posted a photo of, let’s say, a Motorbike, and when you receive it, it is completely different from what you expected. No worried, why not look into motorcycle transport companies to help you transport it back to the sender.

Describe the item in detail

Let’s go back to that “more information you can provide” bit that I just mentioned. In the description box at the bottom of the page, you want to describe what you’re selling. I’ve seen games being sold without the seller informing what platform it belongs to! This is the place where you have to be descriptive. If someone can’t determine whether your product has what they need, they’ll either send you a question or just walk away. Unfortunately, the latter of those two options is the normal response. Don’t lose out on a potential sale by neglecting to add information. Be honest, and they won’t end up disputing any claims in the future either.

Find ways to maximise your profits

You need to be smart with your money. When you’re pricing your item, do some research beforehand. See what it would normally sell for, and price it accordingly. If you’re not in a rush to sell, you could set a “Buy It Now” price, and wait for someone to purchase the item at a slightly higher rate. You also want to think about delivery. Always try to set the delivery prices just a little bit higher than what it’ll cost you to send. If you’re sending items internationally, search for an ideal courier service to provide you with cheap delivery. It’s imperative to think about how you can make the most money out of each product. That amount will add up in the long run. With any courier service, you will need to make sure that you have the best type of courier software that you can access for your items. This can help with keeping track of delivery times and estimates, to make you and your customers happy.

eBay continues to dominate the online sales market and will give normally get you a better price than any other means of selling items online. Implement some of our tips into your selling strategy, and you should start to enjoy even more success with it. Happy selling!