Okay, we can’t promise you’ll be sitting opposite Phil Ivey anytime soon, but we can help you gain some traction in your aim to get an invite to a major poker tournament. There are many ways to do it, but we think we’ve found a couple of methods that should help you along the road to success.

If you are a seasoned player or even just a newbie, the very best thing you can now do on a daily basis is practice. This is best done online, simply because you have a guaranteed flow of players to pit yourself against, whether you play for money or not. No longer do you need to arrange for your friends to meet up so that you can start a game together. Instead, all you have to do is open an account at netbet casino, for example, and start playing. One of the very best things about online casinos is the fact that they are so quick. There is no hanging around waiting for an appropriate game, and you can even join quick games as well as games that run at normal speed. In other words, it’s a great place to get some training done before you start thinking about heading out into the big leagues. One way to help you get ahead of the competition where Online casinos are concerned is to read all the latest tips and news online. Getting in as much information as you can should help you to build your strategy and hone your technique.

Getting serious

Then you need to get serious about playing in online satellite tournaments. Most online casinos where you can play games such as bandar q online allow you to do this, and the more focused your approach, the better your chances of succeeding. Choose the time you actually play in these satellite events wisely, because there are certain parts of the week where it is almost impossible to play without getting blown out of the water by some of the best online players in the world. Sunday, for example, has become the day for high quality players to get involved, this is where they generally tend to pick off the inexperienced players as fodder. The best thing to do is play on a weeknight, get some experience, and ensure that you keep getting wins. The more wins you have, the more likely the major tournaments will award a prize that includes a chance to play at a big game.

Your approach should be anything but that of a risk-taker. Your aim is to ensure that you survive, and are able to be there when the major tournament comes around. So take the time to build up chips and generally play cautiously, going for the win as much as you can through sensible play. That means no high roller play. It will get you nowhere, and only ensure that you don’t get any prizes. Many professionals discover the right platform for them through websites similar to bestuklivecasinos.co.uk to develop their calculated composure.

Using satellite tournaments to find your way to a major event that usually costs around £5,000 to enter is a real pleasure. But bear in mind that it will not happen unless you practise caution. If you want to play alongside some of the big players, like Dan Cates, then take your time and build up a stack of experience in satellites and of course, online casinos like https://www.bcasino.co.uk/. Everyone has to start somewhere, that’s what Dan Cates said.