Spending an evening in with your friends is always a fun night. You can wear whatever you want, have a few drinks that don’t cost the earth and talk about anything you want without being overheard! The cost of an evening out has increased over the years as bars and restaurants get more expensive. At the same time, there’s an increasing number of new and interesting activities to enjoy indoors, thanks to technology. So it seems an evening in with friends is becoming even more popular.

Often when you invite your friends around, there’s a lot of news to catch up on, and spending the evening with your feet tucked in and a large glass of wine in your hand sounds about right. But what happens when you want to do something a bit more special? Speak to your friends and make a date for an alternative night in – even if you need to plan ahead, make sure everyone can make it!

Themed Food Nights

Deciding to have a themed food night in between friends can be a great way to have a bit of fun and experience exciting flavours from around the world. You can dress up in fancy dress if you want to go the full hog, or just choose a foodie theme. To bring on a case of the munchies so you can eat everything you cook and more, consider getting some fun THC treats from the likes of canadacannabisdispensary. They can be a good starter or even a fulfilling, dessert for you to get baked and nicely tie-up the food night. Mexican food is an easy choice, as there’s an abundance of Mexican recipes online and most of us are eager to bring the sombrero out, get the tortilla chips and dips in and crack open some tequila! Or perhaps a Spanish night where you can sample some tapas or even make a steaming dish of paella. Your evening can even be accompanied by a flamenco hat and some castanets. Everyone can contribute by bringing food and drink or even party favours appropriate to the theme.

Online Games

Have you ever played online bingo or a casino games? Maybe yes. But have you ever played them with friends?

It wouldn’t hurt to check out some options online and start playing a variety of online games with your friends on sites such as Arkadium as well as others that offer this service. This adds more excitement to the games and gives you a greater chance of winning some cash!

There are a wide range of casino websites online, but knowing which one to use can be difficult. Not sure where to start? Head to no deposit bonus casinos to find a selection of the most popular websites online. Whether themed games or more traditional types of Bingo appeal to you, there is sure to be something out there to keep you entertained.

Board Games Don’t Need to be Boring!

Of course, we’ve all played our share of board games through the years, but most of us are not aware of the variety and complexity of some of the games on the market. Playing a tabletop RPG (Role Playing Game) is a brilliant way to challenge everyone and get some team atmosphere going. If you’re bored of the games in your cupboard, invest in a couple of new ones such as Cards Against Humanity (which is hilarious as long as you’re not offended easily) or something a little more musical such as Spontuneous, which encourages players to burst out into song. There are also party games where you don’t need to purchase anything, the game ‘Have you ever’ always brings a giggle to the table.

Pamper Yourselves

Everyone loves a bit of pampering but most of us rarely have time for it, so we need to make time! And what better than to do it with our closest friends? Make it a special night for you and your friends by buying some luxurious face masks, soaking your feet in a bubbling foot spa and treating yourself to manicures and pedicures. Complete the night with treats like chocolate, prosecco, and strawberries!