Holiday parties are a wonderful time for family, friends, and coworkers to get together and enjoy Christmas merriment and cheer. From the first Christmas sale of the season to the day that you put the Christmas tree away, the holiday season is full of parties and fun. Want to have the best party on the block? Follow these important Christmas party rules.

Give the Gift of Experience

You want to bring out the best in your guests. How can you do this? One of the top holiday shopping trends of 2018 is giving the gift of experiences this Christmas season. What does that mean? Instead of opting for a mundane Christmas party with the typical holiday trimmings, same old Christmas music, and simplistic potluck, give your guests the gift of experience! How?

Give the gift of experiences! Create a themed party with exciting food and drinks, live entertainment, and fun activities to keep them talking for years to come. Additionally, you can also give a personalised memento, such as a custom embroidery t-shirt (try this website to learn more) after the party to make the event memorable. For example, host a historical masquerade ball. Encourage guests to dress up in antique ball gowns and exquisite masks. Serve authentic treats from the Victorian Era. Hire a dance instructor to teach traditional ballroom dancing. Include a fun selfie booth where couples can take photos of themselves using props. If you are throwing this party with your college friends, then perhaps you can also be interested in purchasing fake ids so that you can get the full range of supplies to make it the best experience for everyone.

Trendy Foods

The holidays are full of tradition. From your grandmother’s favorite pie recipe to apple cider and eggnog and the Christmas goose, there are traditions that pass down for generations. Flip the switch on this year’s holiday party by serving delicious international foods. For example, host a Latin American siesta this Christmas season. Serve a wide array of do-it-yourself tacos and nachos. Have a homemade salsa bar with options like spicy salsa or mango salsa. Or try a dinner with a Japanese flair and serve bento boxes with sushi. Try something new this year.


It goes without saying that entertaining guests needs to be fun. Family gatherings and office parties are always spiced up with karaoke, board games, and even video games. Have a dance floor ready to go and hire a DJ to mix some tunes Or maybe wear a graduation gown and mimic the last day of your college life. What can be better than role-playing some memorable times that you and your guests share together? Try to find activities that encourage community and make long-lasting memories.

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Giving gifts at a party can be expensive. That’s not to say that a holiday gift pack from the likes of Packed With Purpose ( is not a good idea. In fact, if you are part of the management, hosting a party for your employees, then you may want to get a gift pack for them, just as a treat before the holidays! Curated gift boxes can make your employees feel seen and loved, and especially during festive season, they can have a greater impact on everyone. Apart from this, you can also ask employees to bring their own gifts and host a gift exchange.

So you can host a fun white elephant gift exchange. Each person brings one gift, usually something strange or weird (thus the name “white elephant”). The guests sit in a large circle. All of the gifts are put in the center of the group. The host counts the number of guests and writes a number for each guest on a card. For example, eleven cards for eleven guests, numbered “1” to “11”. The cards are thrown into a hat.

Each guest chooses a card. The guest with the number “1” chooses one gift. They open the gift. Then the person with the number “2” can either choose the gift that is already opened or choose an unopened gift. And the game continues. Each guest either chooses a new gift or takes a gift from someone else. Once someone loses a gift they can either take someone else’s gift or try a new gift. The game continues until all of the gifts are gone.

Enjoy your holiday parties this year with your friends and family. Make memories that will last a lifetime this Christmas.