The long Easter weekend generally means two things in my household.

The first is an abundance of chocolate eggs and daffodils. These will fill our lives for hours as we munch through enough chocolate to make any normal human being ill and then sit and stare at the flowers put all around the front room.

The second might seem like a little less fun, but it generally involves less boating feeling and more sense of achievement. We like to have a really good spring clean over the long weekend. We all have the four days off and the British weather is never going to be predictable enough to book a holiday.

So we get the house ready for the summer. A dust, hoover and really good tidy up. We all have our rooms to focus on and I’ll take my pride and joy. I get the honour and the privilege of the kitchen. Now, it’s not easy cleaning the kitchen by hand so I do have some nifty tools to help me. Of course, I have a vacuum, from somewhere similar to Vacuumshop, to pick up all the crumbs and dirt that’s on the floor, as well as some multipurpose cleaners and special cleaners for my oven and grill.

To be fair, I do spend most evenings in the kitchen. It is my favourite room in the whole house. As a pretty typical man, I love a gadget and I really love a kitchen gadget. One of the sides is just rammed with every possible solution you could ever have to any kind of problem you never thought you would have.

The bread-maker is used daily, there is nothing like waking up to the smell of a freshly baked loaf and knowing that you can cut into it for breakfast.

The biggest issue I have to deal with in the big clean up is all of the scratches and dents I’ve created in the worktops by moving and dropping all of these machines. I’ll genuinely spend half of my cleaning time, attempting to polish out around a thousand marks which I just know will never come out.

I should really bite the bullet and just head to Worktop Express to pick up a new one. The options just shout to me.

I always feel so accomplished after cleaning the kitchen. I can’t take credit for all the cleaning, though. Shine Windows cleaned my windows for me, as this is a job I hate. Whenever I do it they always stay smeary, no matter what I do. These guys have them looking beautiful and letting in loads of natural light in half the time I take.

There are some other tasks that I like to get professional help with too. For example, there is nothing worse than a blocked or clogged drain. Consequently, when our water was taking a long time to drain a few weeks ago I called in a plumber who was able to resolve the issue in a matter of minutes. You can learn more about how plumbers can help you to tackle any clogged drains or blockages here: Ultimately, some things are definitely best left to the experts, and plumbing issues are just one of those things. Of course, you’ll have to find a service that would cater to your local area, so if you are looking for a plumbing service, you may want to start here.

Anyway, I love coming into a clean, shiny and streamlined kitchen each day. I have a lot of pride and joy in my kitchen. It is the centre of all our dinner parties. Somehow no matter what we set up, someone will migrate through to see what is being cooked, grab a glass of wine and then not leave for the rest of the night. They’ll be talking to me whilst I cook and then someone else will come through in a valiant attempt to grab some pre-dinner nibbles. They’ll stay for a bit before being joined by yet another guest. Pretty soon, everyone is in my kitchen and we’re having a great night watching me, while I cook dinner for everyone.

It is probably the same pattern for everyone else, but it really does make me think about the image my kitchen portrays about me. The dents and the scratches might show that I’m busy in the kitchen and use it daily, but they also show that it is about time for me to update and repair my sides.

Sometimes it less about cleaning and more about replacing.