It is essential to maintain your perfect weight for your height if you want to maintain optimum well-being and health. Obesity, or even just being a little overweight, can have drastic effects on mental health, physical health and overall lifestyle. We all know however that maintaining a healthy weight can be easier said than done; in fact it can be an extremely hard to achieve. We know that healthy ways to lose weight are those that are natural, like sensible dieting and exercise; however hypnosis has proved to be a useful tool in the weight loss process and indeed keeping off the weight for the long run.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a therapy process that is conducted whilst a subject is under hypnosis. Someone who is hypnotised displays propensities and characteristics not present in non-hypnotised subjects – hyper-suggestibility is most notable.

In 1973, Hypnotherapy was defined by Dr.Kappas, who explained that hypnosis could be used to increase the motivation of a patient and alter behavioural patterns.

To begin with, carrying extra weight may just affect your self-esteem however it can later lead to problems that are life-threatening, such as: high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Losing weight will reduce the risk of these along with the risk of certain types of cancer. It can also improve your sleep and joint health. Not to mention the confidence that can be gained from achieving your ideal weight. Knowing that you are healthy, and that this can be seen by others, can have a powerful effect on positive thinking and day to day living.

There are numerous studies that look at the positive effect that hypnosis can have on a person’s capability to lose weight. In 1998, 60 obese partakers were randomly split into three groups. The first group used hypnosis to assist with stress decrease; another used hypnosis to focus on the decrease of energy intake whilst the final group was given only advice on dieting. The groups had 7 different check-ups following from 1 to 18 months after treatment. At 3 months, all participants had weight loss of 2-3%, but it was the group which received hypnotherapy alongside stress reduction that reported the most weight loss 18 months later – showing the significance of hypnosis on long term weight decrease.

Further studies found in a meta-study of weight loss and hypnosis, that a substantial difference in pounds lost, when comparing hypnosis use and no-hypnosis use, was present. At an early follow-up the average loss by those who did not use hypnosis was around 6.00 lbs whilst hypnotherapy participants had an average weight loss of 11.83 lbs. At the final follow-up participants who did not receive hypnosis had lost an average of 6.03 lbs whilst hypnosis users had lots an average 14.88 lbs – showing the use of hypnosis again greatly increasing the success of weight loss.

These studies demonstrate that hypnosis is a truly important form of weight loss management which can have a lasting effect far beyond other methods. It is a stress free process which can take just a few sittings to ensure results. It is a natural and effective way of shedding the extra pounds and ensuring it stays off. It can change the way you view food as well as your body and health to promote healthy living and a future at your ideal weight.