I’ve made a few New Year’s Resolutions every year since I can remember. It is a great time to think about the things in your life which you would like to change. To put pen to paper and create a plan to make a huge difference in your life.

But then February comes around and everything falls off the radar. The new healthy diet is out of the window and burgers are back on the menu. The savings account stops being topped up and starts being dipped into and most annoyingly of all, I start biting my nails or smoking again.

It is a cycle I really wanted to kick this year, so I did two things. I only made one resolution and I removed all the possible excuses for failure.

My resolution was to get fit, but that wasn’t specific enough to force me to do anything. Getting fit does not really mean anything. Instead, I have stated that I will run a half marathon this year in under two hours.

That is my very clear resolution and to do so, I must get fit and run more. So, I have created a plan which removes any possible reason I have for failure.

I went to the running shop and got fitted for a new pair of running shoes, which work with my gait and stride length. No blisters and maximum performance. I even picked up some new running shorts and a couple of running tops.

The next thing to look at was my schedule. If I can go out today and run one mile, then I should be able to go out next week and run that again, plus an extra half mile. If I just keep adding half a mile a week, then I’m not trying to do anything too excessive.

There are my two best opportunities for an excuse straight out of the window. It might have cost me a couple of quid, but, I’m pretty well set for the next year and I have everything I need.

The only other thing which could have possibly have stopped me was a lack of energy. It would never have been want, but it could have been energy and I found a really simple solution to this, the day before a run, I make sure that I have a bowl of pasta for lunch. It doesn’t matter to me what sort of pasta, just so long as I have it.

Then on the morning of my run, I have a long Organo Gold coffee to wake me up first thing. It gets the heart pumping and gets me ready for the long run ahead.

Then just before I leave, I have an espresso. It won’t kick in for another twenty minutes, but that is the point. I will need that energy in about twenty minutes time.

So far, and I know it is not even March yet, but I have stuck to my resolution and have gone from not running at all, to running four miles at the weekend. It seems to be working for me.