Everyone wants to look their best at their prom. Clear skin, shining hair and healthy teeth and nails are the basics for a glowing image as well as feeling fantastic. Here then are some easy ways to a naturally beautiful you for your big night. Follow these and when your chauffeur arrives to pick you up from a rental business such as Bergen Limo, you’ll step out of the door and feel and look like a superstar.


Hydrate your crowning glory by using natural shampoos and conditioners and treat yourself to a deep oil mask. Homemade conditioners such as honey, lemon or even beer really work so try them in advance as part of your prom planning. If you have blonde hair, a lemon rinse after washing will brighten the natural tones. Slightly warmed olive oil on washed hair which is left in for 10 minutes and then rinsed will really work into the hair follicles to give a thick, strong feeling to your tresses.


If you have acne, cut down on the processed foods and sugary drinks in the months before the prom. Eat as much fruit as possible as well as fresh vegetables. You’ll soon see the benefits as the skin calms down. A light facial scrub can be carried out by using a lemon mixed with sugar to exfoliate – try this though at least a week before the prom just so you can see if there’s any reaction. A few weeks before you could head to a beauty clinic and get a chemical peel if your acne is persistent and sore. The peel will remove a lot of the dead skin on your face, forcing new skin to come forward, creating healthier and more plump looking skin. You’ll have to wear plenty of SPF after a chemical peel and avoid make up for a few days but you should see the results of the skin peel quite quickly. You can also use a very light moisturizer; one which is water-based is great as it won’t clog your pores with oil.


There’s no need to use harmful chemicals on your teeth to whiten them, especially as there are dental clinics such as Gary Cash DDS that you can visit to get it done professionally. As well as being expensive, they can be abrasive and there’s no knowing the long term effect which is why it’s well worth discussing teeth whitening with your Dentist Brewster first before going ahead with it yourself. Instead, as well as taking a visit to your dentist for a scale and polish in the week before the prom, start to prepare by not only brushing twice a day, but also drink green tea to strengthen your gums. A visit to your local dentist – like Dentist Coconut Grove – can help you to understand what steps you can take to improve your overall oral hygiene.

Vitamin D is great for healthy teeth so eat foods that are rich in this nutrient; tuna, salmon and eggs are perfect.


If you’re planning to wear open-toed shoes then you’ll want your feet to look great. Many people suffer from fungal infections on toenails and this can make them look unattractive. Using tea tree oil twice a day on the affected nail or nails will really nip the problem in the bud.

Dry and brittle fingernails can be a challenge to look their best. Moisturise with a thick cream to hold the natural moisture in the nail and surrounding skin, don’t use nail varnish remover which contains acetone as it will dry the nail and when you’re washing up, always wear gloves.

The best overall solution to looking great is to drink plenty of water, don’t use sunbeds and ensure you get plenty of sleep. Whether you’re planning to wear make-up on the day or you want to arrive looking au naturel, having a healthy lifestyle always means that you’re going to look great when you step out of the limousine and walk down the red carpet to the front doors of the venue.