Okay, so you’ve decided to take up a D.I.Y project. You’ve gotten yourself the right equipment such as a great tig welder and materials for the job, you have all your hammers, nails and paint but you’re missing one thing. Protection gear. It can be hard to know what gear you’re going to need for what job, but there are 3 essential things everyone should have just in case!

Face Masks

When doing any kind of work, your face is going to be in the firing line. Whether it’s little bits of wood that can get chucked into your eyes, splinters or sparks that can get thrown into your face or even just dust that you might inhale, there is always something there. You have to avoid this to keep yourself safe, but buy getting one or two heavy duty WeldingOutfitters masks you’ll not have to worry! They are designed for welding and so can protect you against almost anything that D.I.Y can throw at you, it’s very advisable to use them if you ever find yourself doing any ac dc stick welding but they can be used for a plethora of different tasks too. Welding can be pretty dangerous if you don’t have the correct protective equipment on. If you are welding, make sure you have a face mask and some welding rods too

Knee Pads

You’ll often find yourself on your knees during D.I.Y work, whether it’s because you need to be steady on something or you need to be close to something down low, which can put your knees through a lot of strain. Your knee is a very weak area and can get hurt very easily, so it’s good to get yourself some knee pads to save your knees the hassle of getting hurt! Being on your knees unprotected for prolonged periods of time can cause long lasting damage, but with knee pads you’ll be cushioned and supported so you won’t have to worry about it!

Heavy Duty Gloves

Your knees aren’t the only thing at risk, your hands are too! If you’re doing some of the aforementioned welding, sawing wood or even just putting in some nails, your hands are there to do it so they are in the firing line! Your hands are, just like your knee, incredibly delicate and can get ruined very easily. Getting some heavy duty gloves means that your hands are properly protected from any nicks or scratches! Of course, they’re not going to protect you if you slam a nail through your hand but we’re hoping you’re not going to put yourself in a position to do that!

Buying all of these things is heavily recommended as they all save your skin in one way or another! Welding masks can be used to protect your face from just about anything so if you don’t have any then make sure you get some from somewhere like Cigweld, knee pads can be used all the time and as long as you’re not going to be doing anything deliberately dangerous with your hands, your gloves will see you through! Part of the hassle with D.I.Y jobs is that they can often take ages if you don’t know what you’re doing, but if you look here you’ll be able to get some inspiration on some quick jobs you can do around the house to get you started!