If you are a dog owner you will know the feeling too well of seeing the hurt in your dog’s eyes as you leave them for the day as you set off for work.  This is a feeling of guilty that millions of pet owners feel!

For those who are only too curious to see what your pet has been up to, maybe catching up on last night’s TV or playing games with the post man as he delivers the daily post, then you may have already caught up with the craze of checking up on your pet from the office with the help of Skype conversations.

But have you considered there is the possibility of taking your beloved pet to work?  Now that is a great idea!

Did you know that having your furry friend in the workplace can dramatically lower your stress levels and create a positive working environment?  As an employer it is proven to decrease the level of absenteeism in employees and they may even be more willing to work extra hours knowing their pet is not at home waiting for a hug.  Woof Woof!!!

Dogs are no trouble at all, are they??  They have a calming influence and if one of your colleagues is having a bad day or even your boss your dog can be called upon for a stroke or a chat too.  Not only are they fantastic listeners and a credit to any company but they also cause no financial stress to a company.  All they ask for in return is a treat.  A bone or chocolate drops should be sufficient.  In fact they are one of the coolest people to have at work and you don’t even need to include them in the tea round.  However don’t expect them to make the tea!

Yes they are very likely to eat the cakes and biscuits without asking or even share and may have little accidents on the rug, but who could resist those puppy dog eyes.

We’ve all been there and had brain freeze and struggled to find the words for an article or a press release.  Worry not; pet your dog for a couple of minutes for inspiration.  Don’t believe me?  Take a walk around the office with your pet and not only are you likely to return with star worthy ideas but you will also meet friends on the way.  A pet is a great conversation starter; they are often not shy like human kind.  However you may need to give them a mint first because doggy breath is not for the faint hearted.  Try your luck!

Far from being a nuisance to everyone and interfering with the companies code of professionalism, they can be an excellent money making tool.  Pooch power can meet your clients and even fall asleep at their feet.  The therapeutic feel of your dog can be good karma for the business and increase profitability.

Say no to guilt and bring the wagging tail with you.  Maybe then Freda in accounts wouldn’t be off so much sick if she knew a dog was around to help her through the day.