When the sun is shining and there is not even a trace of a cloud in the sky, then there is nowhere I would rather be than sat out in the warmth of the sun, with the gentle wisps of the wind blowing the fresh air around my face.

Living in England, we all know how rare these occasions are. The summer seemed to come and go within two weeks this year and now we are getting random days of brilliant sun. It is like the summer just wants to show up one day at a time and with no warning at all.

So I was happy to plan a day at Liverpool 1 for the Bank Holiday. I knew it would be slightly busier than normal, but I also knew that it is a huge place and the extra crowds would be swallowed up in the vastness and multitude of it’s shops.

The day was going to be a shopping fest before I head off on holiday to some guaranteed sun. The sort of sun that you pay for knowing that it has to show up. All I needed was a few pairs of shorts and a light top or two. How hard could it be to find them? Liverpool One has everything I could ever want, so I should be able to complete my list in the morning and then grab a spot of lunch.

The only thing that I didn’t plan for was the arrival of a random day of British summer. The sun was in a scorching mood and the lack of clouds meant there was very little reprieve outside. Walking around and shopping suddenly became the last thing on my mind. It quickly turned to the Al Fresco eating areas and how quickly I could get an iced-latte in one hand and the ice-cream menu in the other.

I love Al Fresco dining and I really love it at Liverpool One. There is not just one spot to search for and have to battle the queues. There are a host of different places all with their own unique characteristics.

The Club House is the epitome of uniqueness. I have never seen anywhere like this before and much less in a shopping centre. It has been taken straight from the American beach strip and transplanted into the Liverpool skyline. It’s just a very chilled place, where you can eat or drink outside and enjoy the atmosphere as much as you can enjoy the drink.

It has no pretensions, you don’t have to dress a certain way or speak with a set vocabulary. If you want to enjoy the sun and the outdoors, then you are welcome at the Club House. That’s one of the things I like most about it.

You can be knee deep in the worst shopping trip of your life, but know that you will be welcomed with open arms at the Club House and allowed to drink the stresses of shopping away.