In some countries like Japan, it is very common to spot a man with perfectly groomed eyebrows. However, manscaping seems to divides opinion in the UK. Generally, you won’t hear someone randomly complimenting you on your “brow game”. Eyebrows tend to go unnoticed unless something is majorly off with them.

Here’s a formula that makes things simple: de-bulk, shape and tame. Whether you’re already acquainted with tweezers or they are some strange contraptions you have never cast your eyes upon before. Don’t tell us to go and pluck off just yet. Hear us out first.

#1 – Trimming: this is possibly the simplest grooming option. Simply, comb up your eyebrow hair and have a pair of scissors at hand. Start at the bridge of the nose and work your way across the brow. Once you have done this brush your brows down just to check you haven’t missed any. If any long strays stick out past the bottom edge of your brow then trim away.

Often guys end up taking out hair they don’t need to. It is only the excess bulk that really needs to go. So give this a go before removing any hair! To keep them in check, trim every few weeks. An alternative to using a pair of scissors would be an electric trimmer where you simply move across the brow and allow the device to do the majority of the work for you.

Trimming won’t really affect the shape of your eyebrow but it is a great way to control depth and keep your brows from looking too untidy.

#2 – Shaving: I guess you could call this more of a rule than a tip. Don’t shave your brows in order to shape them. Eyebrow hair is quite coarse and shaving will cause the edge to be blunt. On the other hand, if you tweeze the entire hair follicle is removed. This means that it will grow back with a softer end making the hair less obvious. Save the stubble for if you want to grow out a beard.

#3 – Tweezing: this is something you just can’t rush. It is all about precision. Whilst this method can give you the look you’ve been after for some time, one wrong move and it’s game over. If you want to delve into grooming a simple clean up of those pesky strays could be all you need. Sometimes all it will take is tweezing a couple of hairs here and there. Begin by tweezing the hair that you find below the natural shape of your eyebrow.

#4 – Gel: A dab of hair gel may be all that is required to keep your brows in place throughout the day. This is an excellent way to complete the grooming process without investing in something that will take up your time. You can use this trick on a daily basis to ensure that the work you put into neatening up your brows is visible for a longer period of time. Such Grooming Products can help you enhance your brows and overall appearance.

#5 – Waxing: Waxing can help key the shape of your beard for even longer and take longer to grow back. While waxing can hurt a bunch, with the correct aftercare and precautions made it can be an effective method of maintaining stylish facial hair. If you want to learn more about waxing for men check out

If you are grooming your brows already you aren’t the only ones! Check out some male grooming stats here. What is your stance on eyebrow grooming? We would love to hear your views!