There’s no better way to spend quality time with your friends and family than by taking them on holiday. But going away with your loved ones can be expensive; not only do you have to think about finding accommodation, but the cost of travel, activities and food can quickly add up. To help keep your finances in check, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to save money on your weekend break.

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  • Use a price comparison website

The internet has transformed the way we shop, and it’s easier than ever to find a bargain on your travel and accommodation when you look around. Toprooms, for example, allows you to compare the best hotels and guest houses in your destination of choice. Not only can you rank the options by price, but you can also filter by facilities; if you’re looking for hotels that are pet-friendly or serve traditional breakfast, for example, you’ll be able to do exactly that.

  • Hit the countryside

Tourist destinations like London and Manchester are great fun; they’re packed with things to do and places to eat, but they’re also very expensive. If you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones and don’t want to break the bank, then consider visiting the countryside for a traditional family getaway. Pack your tent and comfortable sleeping bag, and pitch up on a campsite for as little as £10 a night. And remember to bring a disposable barbeque so that you can enjoy a delicious burger and sausage over a warm, toasty fire.

  • Carefully consider accommodation

Many tourists somewhat accept that their accommodation is going to be incredibly costly and settle for prices that could’ve been reduced greatly by doing a bit of searching aound, especially when going abroad. Why go for that hotel when you could’ve rented something like a camper van for a much lower cost that not only lets you travel in comfort, but visiting the best sights will be more convenient and at your own pace. Companies like offer quality camper vans that will keep you comfortable at a low cost.

  • Bring your food

Self-catering holidays can work out to be much cheaper than buying every meal from cafes and restaurants, so consider visiting the supermarket before you set off on your weekend break to stock up on tasty food. Obviously, you’ll need to book accommodation with a fridge and freezer, but that should be easy to find if you look around. And don’t forget to stock up on drinks, too: visiting local bars and restaurants can be expensive, so bring a bottle or two of cola and some alcohol for the parents to avoid wasting money.

  • Go off the beaten track

As we’ve already mentioned, popular UK tourist destinations can be expensive – and very busy. Instead, you could holiday off the beaten track, whether that’s the Gaping Gill Cave in the Yorkshire Dales, Tyneham in South Dorset or the stunning Kilchurn Castle in Loch Awe. The possibilities are truly endless, and exploring a town or city you’ve never been to before with your friends and family can be great fun. Just remember to bring a map or your phone!

With so many weekend breaks to choose from both in the UK and in Europe, you’ll be spoilt for choice when booking your getaway. Just remember to keep our money-saving tips in mind when you’re travelling, and your budget will be bound to stretch further. Furthermore, if you are thinking of going abroad, even for a few days, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve had the right vaccinations. Diseases and infections can be deadly, so it’s important that you look after your health. A friend of ours recently recommended the manchester travel clinics by Pharmavaccs if you’d like to find out more.