Scented Candles: Light up the nights with a scented candle

We may well be recovering from the height of a recession as we awake to further news of energy bills on the increase but luxury candles are proving a success for those couples that are getting hit hard by the recession. Home fragrance products found on websites like, are rapidly growing in popularity. Whether it’s candles, diffusers or essential oils, products like these are found in most homes nowadays.

These scented candles are lighting up the dark and gloomy autumn nights. Instead of spending their weekends going out for a romantic candle lit meal at their favourite restaurant they are bringing the romantic atmosphere to their home. With lots of companies selling candles, and even the now popular wax melts from companies like Little Miss Twiggie Twinkles, staying at home has become a great alternative.

Here comes the statistics: Sales of candles rise from 2013 to 2014.

In fact recent statistics show that a massive 90 million was spent alone on luxury candles in the year 2014 and this is proven to increase in 2015 especially as the cost of living has shown no sign of slowing down. In comparison to 2012 the sale of candles rose by 60% in 2013 which should not come as any surprise to many.

Watch this space to see what holds for the sales in 2015….. It is expected that this will rise further especially with the pattern that has emerged over the last three years. As couples have less disposable income these luxury scented candles are becoming the main event at dinner parties and cozy nights in as they get used to spending more time at home due to the depressed economy.

The rise of the scented candle

Scented candles as a home fragrance have never been so much fun. Due to the huge range of fragrances on the market it is not just about having your home smell nice but it is about the story.

In the olden days if you were invited to a dinner party you were likely to bring flowers and a bottle of wine. OK you may still bring the bottle of wine but since around 2006 and the rise of scented candled this smartly wrapped and branded product became a much welcome gift. It brings warmth, style, atmosphere and no mess to the dinner party. We can’t say the same about the wine.

It also has high profile customers including Kate Moss, Joan Collins, Coleen Rooney, Victoria Beckham and Sienna Miller to name a few. Plus we could not forget to mention the “Kate Middleton effect”. Scented candles were a big feature at the Prince and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding. They chose to decorate Westminster Abbey with their favourite citrus fragrance in order to create the perfect mood and setting. You must have been drawn in by the “Kate Middleton effect” like millions of others.

A luxury candle is for everyone not just the rich and famous

The great thing about a luxury candle is that you do not need to have the most expensive postcode in the country or live in a penthouse; a candle will bring something unique and special to every home. And why limit it to your home they make a great feature for birthday parties, celebrations and outside entertainment.