As you are aging, you will notice that exercise will get tougher and more energy-draining. It is, however, extremely important to keep exercising regularly. By exercising frequently as you get older, you will have less chance of your balance decreasing, thus preventing a nasty fall. It has also proven to increases the size of the part of your brain that plays a big role in your memory. All of these can be important in helping you to maintain a relatively independent lifestyle as you age. If you are living at home or in an assisted living facility similar to the ones at or ones that are closer to your home, you might find it easier to implement some of these fitness changes with some assistance, if you have not already been exercising regularly. You might be able to find this help in a local exercising facility or if you are in living in assisted living then they might already have a service set up that you may want to check out. In this article, you will learn about several ways to stay fit so you can stay healthy for as long as feasible. If you have at-home care ( it may be wise to ask for a senior fitness instructor to help you keep fit at home if you are unable to get out and exercise.


While stretching and flexing don’t sound amazingly important, they get increasingly more important as you grow older. Most flexibility issues are caused by joint problems, so it’s good to keep active in this area. One way to increase your flexibility is by having regular “exercise” with your other half, even though that also has become harder while aging, you can always choose to use an erection pill to get started. Other ways include regular yoga or pilates lessons. Most, if not all gyms offer exercises directly aimed at the eldery, so if you are unsure about your capabilities of doing these exercises on your own, going to the local gym is always an option.


Strength training directly improves the strength of both your muscles and your bones, both are very important for seniors. Muscle also protects the bone, so if you ever have an unfortunate balance issue where you fall unexpectedly, your muscle density could help prevent serious damage. In order to keep your strength up, you should start with light weights and you should never do the same strength exercise multiple days in a row. If you feel the light weights don’t offer much of a challenge anymore, you could choose to increase the weight. Keep in mind though, that you don’t go too far, that could actually be detrimental to your health.


Aerobics are also a great and important exercise for seniors. Aerobics are important for heightening your heart rate, resulting in your body being able to more efficiently process oxygen and blood into your muscles. Regular 30 minute walks are the key to aerobic exercises. If you currently have balance issues, you should consider using a treadmill for the walks because of safety issues. In case you don’t have, or want, a treadmill, you should always be sure to have someone with you on walks.