Are you looking to redecorate? Then you’ll probably have realised that painting a wall can be a quite tedious job. In order to make things easier for you, this article shows you a variety of ways that can help you make painting less time consuming and way more manageable. Hopefully you’re able to make use of some of these tips and incorporate it into your painting job.

Plastic wrap is a godsend

Plastic wrap can be amazingly useful for painters, and it’s advisable to make liberal use of plastic wrap for certain purposes. After the day is done, you can wrap your brushes and rollers in the plastic wrap, stick it in the freezer, and the next day you’ll have to remove them from the freezer 15 minutes before you start painting. You will notice the brushes/rollers are soft and reusable again. You can check this site to see how a heat gun can help secure your plastic wrap. However, only use with specific instructions and liaise with a professional on how to use a heat gun in different cases.

You could also use plastic wrap for your paint tray in order to keep it clean, not keeping it clean results in you having to throw some paint away, which is a waste of money and paint, because it’s easily preventable.

Trimming your paint roller

You don’t always have to throw your paint roller away and buy a new paint roller, you could also simply take some scissors and trim the edges of the roller in order to remove the dried paint. Doing this saves you some time in which you would go to the home depot to get new rollers, and you will obviously also save some money.

A paint sprayer

If you are sick of brushes and rollers in general, you could always choose to go for an easy and less time-consuming way of painting by using a paint sprayer. Paint sprayers are actually quite simple to use, and are incredible helpful when painting corners or other hard to get places, like behind a radiator. Using a paint sprayer well only requires a couple of guidelines you should follow:

  • Don’t spray paint from more than 20cm away from the wall
  • Keep the spray painter perpendicular to the wall
  • Don’t forget to dilute the paint
  • Tape everything you need to tape off to achieve maximum results

By following the guidelines above, you should have no problems using the paint sprayer and you will have all your paint jobs done in half the time it would normally take. A paint sprayer can be used both indoor and outdoor, just keep the weather in mind if you are going to be painting outside.