Do you recall your first steaming cup of coffee? Was it black? I bet it was as creamy and sugary as coffee can be, complete with an appropriate flavored creamer. But as time passed, you backed off the extras so you could feel the coffee tingle your nostrils and excite your taste buds.

Smoking tobacco is a lot like drinking coffee. Many beginners start with the usual cigarettes and casual rolls but gradually get into pipes to experience deeper, richer and more aromatic tobacco blends.

If you’ve been thinking of taking your beloved hobby to the next level, the first thing you’ll want to do is buy a pipe. Tobacco pipes come in all sorts of shapes and forms, which means selecting a good one can be a bit challenging. However, there are thousands of different kinds of pipes out there, including pipes and bowls for avocado addicts who may enjoy a relaxing smoke every now and again. With these five pipes, however, you just can’t go wrong.

  1. Scotte Solid Wood Tobacco Pipe

Pipes are meant to look and feel good between the lips, and this vintage-looking one from Scotte is no exception. It is beautifully designed, and its high-quality ebony build is durable enough to last for years. With a 5.7-inch length, the pipe gives a smooth flow of smoke, and the 0.8-inch diameter bowl holds plenty of tobacco. The two parts can also be easily disassembled for cleaning.

The Scotte solid wood pipe comes in an attractive package with all the necessary accessories. It may be a bit more expensive than most beginner pipes, but you get your money’s worth.

  1. Missouri Meerschaum Legend Corn Cob

Although the market is filled with cheap, low-quality corn cob pipes, this model perfectly embodies Missouri Meerschaum’s renowned name, both in quality and durability. As a straight mid-sized pipe, it is 6 inches long with a 1.7-inch-deep bowl, which holds sufficient tobacco. Its transparent stem is easy to clean, and its 0.2-pound weight makes it remarkably light. Add that to an affordable price tag and you have a pipe that is perfect for a beginner.

  1. Scotte Lobular Ebony Pipe

Scotte’s Lobular Ebony Pipe is particularly famous for its size. Measuring 6.1 inches in length the pipe is one of the longest in the current market. Its bowl is also wider and deeper than average measurements, which means it holds plenty of tobacco.

The Lobular Ebony Pipe is entirely made of premium-grade ebony, excluding the removable plastic mouth tip. It also comes with a decent set of accessories, all at a price that is pocket-friendly enough for beginners.

  1. LifeVV Ebony Tobacco Pipe

LifeVV Ebony Pipe is a favorite among both new and experienced smokers. It is carefully handcrafted using high-quality ebony that makes it elegant and durable. Smoke flows freely through its 5.8 inches stem, and weighing in at less than 0.3 ounces, it Is pleasantly comfortable to hold.

The pipe is also easy to clean, thanks to the tapered soft cleaners that come in the bundle. For its price, it is great for beginners.

  1. Mr. Brog Full Bent Tobacco Pipe

No list of the best tobacco pipes would be complete without a Mr. Brog model. This particular variant is handmade from premium wood, and its full-bent design perfectly complements its vintage look.

At 5 inches long, the pipe is fairly long, and its bowl is deep enough to smoke for a while. The top lid helps to regulate the temperature, and also to keep the tobacco confined in the bowl when used in the windy outdoors.

Mr. Brog never compromises on quality, which makes their pipes among the more expensive on the market. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a practical, durable pipe that’s also classy and fashionable, it’s an excellent choice.

Final words

When it comes to pipe smoking, the type you choose will largely determine the experience you have. Buy one of these five outstanding pipes and make your hobby more worthwhile.