If you’re looking out of the window this winter at the rain and sleet and your motorhome that you bought with help from Auto Finance Online Ltd, don’t wait for the first sunshine of spring before putting together a holiday; be impulsive and take an impromptu RV tour of southwestern Europe to get a bit of winter sun and see some great places. Custom rv garages are where our motorhomes and RV’s are usually kept during the winter, but we want to change that! There is no need to wait until summer to take it out. Check everything on your motorhome is in working order, update your insurance by getting a great deal at http://motorhomeinsurance.org.uk/ and head off complete with t-shirts and sunscreen. And be reassured in the fact that when you get back there are storage facilities around that have secure caravan storage to keep your little home away from home safe.

You’ll take in France, Spain and Portugal and it all starts with a quick and easy hop through the Channel Tunnel.


France is all about soaking up the more relaxed way of life as you leave the stresses and strains of the UK behind so start your tour in Paris and enjoy the Eiffel Tower, museums and art galleries on every street corner and as many baguettes as you can manage. After a couple of days in the capital of France and now ready to relax even more, head south through Bordeaux. Here you can sample many of the globally-famous wines at the vineyards and stock up with beautiful and inexpensive bottles of red as you sleep the nights in the wonderful countryside. It’s then only a short drive along the Bay of Biscay through San Sebastian where before you know it, you’ve actually passed the border and you’re into Spain.


San Sebastian is the perfect way to have your first taste of winter sun in Spain. Great beach bars and wonderful restaurants serving locally caught fish; you’ll soon be wondering why you ever thought being at home in the UK was a sensible idea!

Bilbao is your second destination to have fun in the sun of Espana. It’s a busy port town and an alternative to landing on the Continent if you don’t want to drive through France first as there’s a regular 24 hour ferry which lands you back in Plymouth or Portsmouth.


Head south for Porto; it’s a long drive so take a couple of days over the journey to revel in the beauty of the northern Portugal scenery. You’re entering the Douro region which is not only recognised by UNESCO for the unique environment but it’s the centre for some of the best wines in the country and of course – Port. The city of Porto is a great place for immersing yourself in medieval history and wonderful culture; the views are amazing and you’ll really struggle to tear yourself away.

Be strong, pack your belongings and continue your journey south to Lisbon. This is a city like no other; relaxed, welcoming and home to the best custard tarts in the world. Sample the national dish for the sweet toothed known as ‘pasteis de nata’ in the street cafes, take a tram across the hills of the city and even spend some time on the beach among the rich and famous who live in the suburb of Cascais.

Before turning around to head back through Spain and the capital of Madrid, head to the Silver Coast around Lisbon. It’s where surfing records are broken and you can watch the world go by with a small, strong coffee in coastal towns such as Nazare.