In the age of digital commerce, it is becoming more commonplace for people in a wide variety of jobs to work from home. More people find that this fits in much better with their commitments and responsibilities, making it much easier for them to work from their house. The only thing workers need to work from home is a quiet space with a computer. When some people move their jobs to their home, they can find that they need to decide on a wired or wireless solution for their internet connection. This can make all the difference, especially if the job includes a lot of online work. Due to the lack of essentials needed to work from home, more and more people seem to be doing it. In fact, according to recent research, home workers amount for almost 14% of the UK workforce, and it’s growing fast. Why do people choose to work from home? Are they looking at how to get rich quick with a homemade business? Well, there’s the fact that we can communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time thanks to the internet; there’s no real need for office workers, perhaps performing data entry or answering calls, to be in the office 5 days a week, 9 to 5, as much of their job could be done from home. The reality is there are a number of jobs that allow you to work from home and this is quickly becoming the preferred option of a large part of the workforce.

Companies are finding that allowing some people to work from home – at least part of the time – can also save them money, as it may reduce their overheads. For the individual, there’s the reduction in travel each day, which saves both money and time. Then there are people who work for themselves: online jobs are more common than ever and a home office is a popular option for many. So, why are we going to tell you about wireless doorbells? It doesn’t make much sense, does it? In fact, it does, and we are sure you’ll see why in a few minutes!

Why Wireless Doorbells?

OK, so let’s begin by saying this: wireless doorbells are great! They come in many forms, are cheap, and they allow you to mount the receiver – that part which makes the noise – anywhere you want in the home. Some work on batteries, while others plug into a mains socket, so you can move them around with you, perhaps from the lounge to the office. You can get a variety of different chimes, and you can adjust the volume. In fact, you can even mute it completely!

But hang on, you’re thinking, why would I want to mute my wireless doorbell? Isn’t the point that it makes a noise when someone presses the bell? That’s very true, but imagine the scene: you’re concentrating on your work in the home office, and people keep ringing the bell. It disturbs you and, after all, you’re at work! It’s all too easy for passing friends to see your car in the drive and think they’ll drop in for a coffee. By muting your wireless doorbell, you don’t have to be so disturbed!

Choosing a Wireless Doorbell

The mute option is also great for when you have small children in the house and don’t want late night visitors, so where do you find information about the best models? You can find the editors pick on iDisrupted, where you can find information on wireless doorbells and a whole host of other useful items. They give you details of specifications, outline the pros and cons of each model, and tell you all about the price, as well as recommending their choice. Why not have a look at the website now for more information on wireless doorbells, and make your home working life a lot easier.