Supercar Experiences often rents its luxury cars for film and TV work. The famous presenter, Rick Campanelli, from ET Canada recently posted a video of himself taking one of our Aston Martins for a spin in the Hertfordshire countryside. From the huge grin on his face, he evidently loved it!


Other satisfied stars include Gordon Ramsey, whose passion for Ferraris is almost as renowned as his passion for good food. He drove our Ferrari 360 Modena on Fifth Gear. Another happy chef was Jamie Oliver, who used one of our Range Rovers for his TV food programme.


Supercar Experiences has been the first choice for many production companies, not solely because it is the UK’s official supercar hire and experience company, but also as it is conveniently located near London and not far from Elstree film studios, where Star Wars, Harry Potter and many other famous films have been produced.


Cars from Supercar Experiences have featured on numerous TV programmes, such as Spooks, Eastenders, Watchdog and, of course, Top Gear.

Luxury cars from Supercar Experiences have also starred in music videos, alongside bands like Oasis. One of the Lamborghinis from Supercar Experiences has even made it to star on the MTV awards. Our supercars are also widely rented for Bollywood music videos.

LCR Lamborghini Huracan Spyder-carInFilm

Yet, it is Hollywood that gets everyone really excited and we’re proud that Sony selected our supercars to feature in the last two Bond films. Of course, they hired an Aston Martin DBS for one and they used our Audi R8 in Spectre.